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Breakfast with Lisa

I'm not going to describe what we had for breakfast, and Lisa probably has a picture of it any how. Let's just say it was wonderful!  I managed to snitch two strips of bacon from my little sister and she even offered to share her muffin with me.  (Lisa: Now you're REALLY making me blush!!)  It looked delicious but I'm diabetic, so I declined.  (Lisa:  I'm not sure what your diabetes had to do with it...)

While we were waiting for the check, I looked at Lisa and said, "Hey, I saw an Old Navy across the way. How about if your Sugar Daddy takes you shopping and buys you a new dress?" The check came and I paid in cash and left the waitress an obscenely large tip. I'm telling you now, Sis, that little girl was probably extremely jealous of you!

a male to female crossdresser modeling a dress for her sugar daddyWe headed out the door and took Lisa's car over to Old Navy to shop. I loved it when we walked in the store. An older sales lady looked at us both and said, "Good Morning kids!"  Yep, I got made!  Definitely a Sugar Daddy!  Truthfully, I rather enjoyed it!  So Lisa found this cute dress she liked and headed off to the dressing room to try it on.  Meanwhile, I hung around outside the dressing room like the patient husband, um, er, Sugar Daddy waiting to voice my opinion.  She came out looking spectacular, and so we went to the register, and I purchased it for her. (Lisa:  They also gave me a free Old Navy tote bag, which was way fun!)  We were running very short of time so I didn't even get a chance to look at much for me, darn it, but there will be another time!

From Old Navy we headed over to DSW to look for shoes.  DSW was an ideal set up for me as my little sister and I wear very close to the same size, so anything she tried on was probably going to fit me.  We actually weren't finding much in our size, and then it happened!  I spotted a pair of gorgeous fashion boots in our size, and they were reduced 80%!  Those boots were normally $350.  (Lisa:  Don't make me do the math on that...please!)

I whispered to her, "Come here quick and try these on!" She did and she said, "They're maybe just a tiny bit big so they should fit you just fine in the feet, but what about the tops?  Will they be big enough for your calves?"  I said, "It doesn't matter!  One of us girls is having those boots!  We know they fit you if they don't fit me!"  (Lisa:  Was I secretly praying that the boots wouldn't fit you?? )

So up to the cash register we went where we purchased those boots, and my little sister also got a pair of adorable canvas sneakers.  At the register I whipped out my big bankroll of bills and paid for everything.  I must admit I was sort of enjoying this Sugar Daddy thing!  At least for as long as the money holds out!  (Lisa:  We bought the darker boots)

We took our purchase and drove back over to my vehicle in the parking lot where we said our good-byes.  I hugged her good-bye, and please don't anyone read anything into that.  There is nothing physical between us and neither of us have any desire to have a boyfriend!  I'm sure I would have still hugged her even had we both been dressed as guys!  I have never felt there is any harm in expressing your feelings.

I can't thank my little sister and my middle sister Danielle enough for everything they did for me while I was visiting.  You both made me feel very, very, special.  It really helped in light of the tragedy I have recently been through.  As they say, sometimes when one door closes another one opens!  I am the sister who will always make lemonade when life gives her lemons!  (Lisa:  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Luv ya, Sis!! )

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