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Breakfast with Lisa

crossdressed as a woman at Mimi's CafeWritten entirely by Danielle with brief comments from Lisa in red ~ My little sister Lisa is one of the most precious people in the world to me, and she has graciously granted my request to post what I shall call a guest update.  If you have been following along in the previous updates during and after Halloween, you are now familiar with me and some of our adventures together.

In preparing to write this, I was thinking about the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's for some reason and then how it could be Breakfast with Tiffany, but it's Breakfast with Lisa, not Tiffany.  And Audrey Hepburn you can just eat your heart out cause my baby sister is every bit as pretty as you and Lisa quit blushing cause it's true!  (Lisa:  Oh stop!!)

crossdressing in front of a restaurantSo...the final night when my little sister dropped me off at the motel, we agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning. She said, "I hope you don't mind if I come to breakfast as a girl."  Well duh!  Honestly baby girl, it is so apparent that you are blonde sometimes.

Now myself on the other hand; I had checked into the hotel as a guy and therefore had to check out in guy mode too. We had agreed on a place for breakfast and the next morning we began texting back and forth as we were getting ready. I told her that there would be a "cowboy" waiting for her in the parking lot.  Right here I am going to steal a method of writing that Lisa often employs.  I'm going to tell you how I was dressed:  black cherry ostrich leg cowboy boots, black jeans, a burgundy colored western shirt, a black leather blazer, and my black Stetson cowboy hat plus probably every piece of male diamond and gold jewelry I own.  I know, boring!  Who cares about a guy and what he wears!  (Lisa:  Not me, that's for sure)

So I arrived at the destination first and shortly thereafter this gorgeous blonde girl drove up in her car. Now we have both seen each other as guys before so I knew I wouldn't spook her, but I walked over to her car and when she opened the door I said, "Hi beautiful!"  I offered her my hand and helped her exit her car.  She was wearing the dress she purchased the night before when the two of us went dress shopping, and she looked like a million dollars.  I did in fact offer her my arm when we walked into the restaurant, but I believe she was so caught up in the moment and wanting to get pictures and everything she failed to notice.  She handed me her camera and I took several pictures of her which I am sure she will post some of them with this article.

a transgender girl eating at Mimi's CafeUpon entering this very pretty restaurant which had a bit of a French motif to it, we encountered a "Please wait to be seated" sign, and so we waited for the waitress to come and seat us. We were escorted to a nice booth near the front of the restaurant and promptly seated, and the waitress took our beverage order and handed us menus.

Now I'm going to shift gears a bit and describe my feelings in all of this.  At first I thought about sitting on the same side of the booth as her but I instantly decided, no, that might make her feel a bit uncomfortable and besides, I just wanted to stare at this doll seated across from me.  I already had a preconceived idea about how anyone was going to view the two of us.  They were either going to think that I was Lisa's father, or that this attractive woman had her a real-life Sugar Daddy!  It mattered not a whit to me one way or the other! I was having breakfast with the prettiest woman in the place!  (Lisa:  Now you're making me blush)

baby you can drive my car crossdressedI recently lost my wife of almost 40 years to cancer and for just a brief moment this morning, I was enjoying breakfast with another beautiful, lovely woman, so thank you for that little sister!  I almost felt like the world was normal!  (Lisa:  Awe, you're more than welcome, Sis)

I must confess that I also flirted with our waitress a bit. I guess I've always done that a bit.  I simply love women...probably why I'd rather be one!  Anyway, as we were sitting waiting for our order, Lisa and I were making small talk.  I told her I felt somewhat naked as a guy without my mustache.  She said, "Don't worry, you're still handsome!"  Don't know about that but my little sister is so sweet!  (Lisa:  Trust me, I meant that compliment)

While we are waiting for our breakfast, I reached in the pocket of my blazer and handed my kid sister the tube of mascara that I use that she seems to covet.  She lit up like a Christmas tree!  I then asked her, "Sis, did I get all of my eye makeup off from last night?"  She reached up with her finger and flicked a little speck of left-over mascara out of the corner of my eye.  Honestly, Sis, that is one of the most feminine things I have ever seen you do!  My wife would have done something like that!  (Lisa:   : )

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