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Dress Shopping with Danielle

a cute crossdresser wearing a Forever 21 dress in the fitting roomThe DownEast dress fit me perfectly, and there was no question I was going to take it. The Forever 21 dress was a different story, however. I could have made the dress work, but I just needed it in a bigger size. There was no way for me to get the dress to cover my bra fully (I was wearing a pink bra from Victoria's Secret), and while I loved the look of it there in the fitting room, I'm closer to Forever 51, and so I ultimately decided to pass on the darling dress.  While super cute, it was just too short and to open up front for me to be comfortable in order to wear it out in public.

When it was time to check out, we took our dresses to the only cashier available, a woman probably in her early 30's who was eight months pregnant or so. I went first with my dress, and we enjoyed a marvelous conversation throughout the entire transaction, and I don't think she suspected that I wasn't actually a girl. It was fun, and it was also fun for Danielle to see that too. Sometimes I worry that people think I might embellish stories or make things up, and so I'm glad Danielle got to see such a smooth transaction at the registers between us two women.  I'll end here because I'm sure my sister has something to say about the evening as well.  : )

From Danielle ~ This evening, Lisa and I went on another adventure. Oh, you know we went shopping again!  We went to a thrift store where she sometimes shops to indulge our shopping addiction. Once again there I was browsing through dresses etc. with all these other women, and I'm just one of them.

I know my little sister got really tickled with me because I had found a couple of dresses in my size that I liked and hung them on the front of the rack intending to eventually try them on.  Well, this Asian lady walked down the aisle, and she stopped and looked at MY Dresses!  I was doing a slow burn and thinking, "You B----! You even think about taking my dresses and I will scratch your eyes out!" My little sister was watching all of this, and I can tell she is almost in hysterics!  I'm pretty sure she's thinking, "Lady, you mess with the Queen Bee and she will tie your pantyhose in knots with you in them!"

Well, my sister and I finally selected a few things and went and found a dressing room big enough to accommodate both of us. So there we are, a mother and a daughter sharing a dressing room, trying on clothes. At least I'm sure that's what it appeared like to the rest of the world. The gray dress I found fit me fabulously and I would wind up purchasing it. The black one while I liked it didn't do much to hide my tummy which I am still working on. I will interject right here and say that a few years ago I wore a women's size 22-24 dress and now I wear a 16!  You bet I'm proud of myself!

To continue, we took our purchases and headed to the register to check out. Lisa went first, and the cashier engaged her in a conversation. Lisa has pretty much perfected her "girl" voice, so that was no big deal!  Then it was my turn. Lisa later told me, "OMG! I felt so bad when I realized I had pretty much hung you out to dry!"  I told her, "No big problem!"  I had pretty much decided that if I wanted to function in this world I had better put my big girl panties on and step up to the plate, and we all know I definitely had my big girl panties on (Size 7 in case you're wondering)!  Well I looked the sales girl in the eye when she spoke to me and pretty much mouthed the words and used a whisper voice. Not a problem, and I guarantee she suspected nothing. We walked out to Lisa's car and yes, I was still in heaven and living the dream

We drove back to my hotel, and she dropped me at the door and we made plans to meet for breakfast the next morning. She said to me, "I hope you don't mind if I come to breakfast dressed as a girl."  I of course replied, "Now why would that bother me?"  I told her that I of course would have to become male again in the morning in order to check out of my hotel, so I had no choice in the matter.

She dropped me at the front door of the hotel, and we waived good-bye, and this girl walked into the establishment like she owned the place. About an hour later I couldn't stand it and just simply had to put on pantyhose, that new dress, my black patent leather high heels and my fur coat since the evening was turning colder. I walked down to my vehicle and enjoyed my last evening as a girl. In my mind's eye, I am sure I either looked like a high class hooker or an older wealthy sophisticated woman, and I will opt for the latter, thank you very much!  A nice gentleman held the door for me as I re-entered the hotel.

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