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Dress Shopping with Danielle

two tgirls shopping for dressesWith my friend Danielle in town, I promised her that I would reserve an evening to take her dress shopping. We had been to Shopko for a shopping outing previously, but I accompanied her as a guy, and so we were really excited to do some shopping as two girls. After talking to Danielle, we both decided that we weren't talking about department store dresses that could cost us nearly a hundred dollars per dress; rather, Danielle just needed to build up her dress collection, and the best way to do that is to start at the thrift store.

Danielle had a major life event occur this year that she will talk about later, and so she is in a situation that's new to her, and as a result, she's got more freedom to spend the majority of her time as a woman. Well, it's natural for a woman to want some pretty dresses, and when Danielle came to visit, she said she only had one dress back home in her closet, so we two girls went out tonight to fix that.

a pretty tgirl going dress shoppingBecause I would be picking Danielle up after work, I didn't have time or the ability to dash home first to transition into girl mode, and so I pieced together an outfit based on two separates that I happened to be storing in my closet at work. For my top I wore the darling ruffle top by Elle that I purchased recently at Kohl's, and then I paired that with one of my favorite skirts, the navy and white Banana Republic knee-length skirt with pretty flowers adorning the hem. This is more of a summer skirt, and it was chilly this evening, but fortunately I was underdressed in black nylons at work, and there was no way I was going to take off my pantyhose for a night of shopping, so I paired them with my black ballet flats to complete my outfit.

As for Danielle, she wore a pretty white blouse with flirty khaki jeans, and then she pulled on a darling poncho over the top as a fun accessory and as a means to also keep her warm. Like me, she wore flats, and hers were pretty beige flats that matched her jeans perfectly, and unlike me, Danielle was not wearing pantyhose beneath her jeans. I picked her up at her hotel, and we were off in search of pretty dresses.

a man crossdressed as a woman shopping for nightgownsWe gabbed the whole way to the thrift store, and then entered without a care in the world as to who was coming or going. The dress racks were located at the far end of the store to our left, and so we made a quick detour on our way down in the sleepwear section. Both Danielle and I are looking for new nightgowns, and so we were hoping to find something fun and flirty that would work for either of us. We found two pieces of sleepwear with potential from Vanity Fair, but they were both a long night shirt with matching pajama pants. The sets were silky and pretty, but I think we were both looking for nighties. At one point, Danielle picked out a leopard skin nightie, and I just rolled my eyes at her as if to say, "Really?"

a tgirl taking a selfie while dress shoppingAfter looking at nightwear, we finally made our way down to the dresses where we both found the section for our sizes and began leafing through them as fast as we could. Danielle will tell her side of the story soon, so as for me, I found two dresses that I wanted to try on. The first was a fun cotton dress from DownEast with black and white horizontal stripes pictured below.  The dress looked super comfy, and I could picture myself wearing the dress for all sorts of occasions, so I was excited to try it on.

The second dress was from Forever 21, and as a result, it was too young and too short for me, but oh well; I still wanted to try it on. When we were ready to go to the fitting rooms, we found one big enough to accommodate both of us, and quickly went about trying on our dresses.

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