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Shopping Crossdressed for Halloween

The next top as pictured below was also a pink and white striped top, but this one was by Old Navy, a brand that I'm obviously comfortable with. The fit was perfect, and this top would go well with a black skirt, and at $3, it would work.

The final top was also an Old Navy top with black and white stripes, and this top would look really good with my pink skirt and black nylons underneath. I was way close to actually selecting this top over the Land's End top, but the only drawback is that I thought the stripes would clash with the polka dots in the ribbon of my Minnie ears. This top was also priced at $3, which was perfect, but ultimately, I couldn't justify this one over the Land's End top.

After trying on the five tops, I had to make my decision. I knew that the Land's End top was the best fit for the costume I had in mind, and so I decided to buy that top.  I also couldn't let that white ruffle top slip through my fingers, and so I added that one to the list. I then decided to buy one of the pink tops just because, and after giving it some thought, I selected the American Eagle Outfitters top over the Old Navy top. The AEO top was more bold in it's colors, and I just liked it better.

At this point, I was a happy girl and way excited at the prospect of being Minnie Mouse for Halloween, but as I exited the fitting room, the lines at the cash registers were so long. I'm totally fine transacting business as a girl at the cash register, but I don't like to wait in line because everyone else has plenty of time to scrutinize me up close. As a result, I decided to wander over to the skirt section to see if by chance there were any cute skirts that would work with my costume, and on the way to the skirts, I passed the silky-blouse rack, and the heavens suddenly opened to reveal the perfect top!

I couldn't believe me eyes. Right there among the short-sleeve blouses was one of the cutest blouses I've ever seen. And not only was it cute, but it was pink with white polka dots, totally something that Minnie Mouse would wear. I nervously took the blouse from the rack and looked at the tag. The brand was by BONGO, which I assume means, "A brand too young for Lisa to wear." Furthermore, it was a size M, and holding up the blouse, it looked smallish. Still, it had elastic around the neckline and puff sleeves, so I knew there was some wiggle room, and so I nervously took the blouse back to the fitting room and tried it on. To my delight, it fit like the perfect bra!!

I just sat there taking pic after pic and doing pose after pose. I had the perfect Minnie Mouse blouse, and I was so excited I could have screamed. I could just picture wearing it with a black skirt and black pantyhose and cute Minnie Mouse ears with a matching bow. I was a little bit afraid about having more fun shopping for the costume than actually dressing like Minnie Mouse for Halloween, but we shall see how my Halloween turned out.

My plan for Halloween was to meet up with a few friends for a photo shoot and lunch, so stay tuned for pictures of my Minnie Mouse costume and details of my outing! Until then, here's a tiny sneak preview of my look on Halloween. : )

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