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Shopping for a Halloween Costume Crossdressed

Today's outing was one unlike I've every done before. The actual content of my outing was familiar, but the circumstances preceding it were new to me. I actually didn't plan to go anywhere today as a girl, but I was sitting at work staring out the window at the beautiful fall scenery and wondering how fun it would be to get out in that weather as a girl. The team at work was running steady and true meaning there were no fires to put out, and the more I looked out the window, the greater the urge came to get out as a girl.

And that's when it hit me.  I had a few separates locked in my drawers at work along with some makeup and a bra and panty set that Danielle presented to me about a month ago, and the more I thought about the contraband I had at work, the more I realized that I had enough clothes and accessories stashed to actually leave work at lunch time, transition in the front seat of my car, and spend an hour in the afternoon doing something...anything as a girl.

And so that's what I did. I loaded up my backpack with all of the necessary clothing and makeup and went down to the parking garage to transition into a girl. Part of what spurred this outing is that Halloween is upon us, and I will actually have the chance to dress up as a girl for Halloween this year.  Yay!!  The problem with dressing up as a girl for Halloween is that I get to do that dozens of days during the year anyway, so not only did I want to dress as a girl this year for Halloween, but I wanted to add another a layer and put together a fun costume, so you could say I'd be double crossdressed for Halloween: once as a girl and then as some kind of girl character.

As I was thinking about a fun girl costume, I had Disney princesses on my mind. Okay, closing in fast on the half century mark, I probably shouldn't be so obsessed with Disney Princesses, but that's part of my childhood that I never got to experience, so part of the Disney Princess thing is still there in my mind. While in Disney mode, the idea then occurred to me that I could put together a casual yet fun Minnie Mouse costume. I already have a Minnie Mouse tee shirt, and I thought that I could wear that with a pink skirt and some cute ears, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to put together a better outfit than just a Minnie Mouse tee and plain skirt.

As a result, I decided to go to the thrift store and look for a cute top that resembled something that Minnie would wear. I already have a cute pink skirt that would work as a base for my Minnie outfit, and I also have a more formal black skirt that would work as well, so my focus today at the thrift store was to find the perfect top to go with one of those skirts. When you think about Minnie Mouse outfits, the obvious design is red with white polka dots, but I didn't think I'd be able to find a blouse like that, so heading into the thrift store, I primarily focused on tops with stripes or tops with polka dots, and then I also wanted something accented with a pattern in either red, pink, or black.

Before I get to my shopping, I suppose I should comment briefly on my outfit for the day. For my top, I chose to wear the plum top by Elle that I purchased a few weeks ago at Kohl's, and then I paired that with a pencil skirt from Old Navy with alternating navy and white stripes. I happened to have a pair of nude pantyhose on hand at work, and so I wore pantyhose beneath my skirt and then finished the look with my black ballet flats. One accessory I didn't have on hand today was a hair brush, and so my hair got continuously worse and worse as the afternoon progressed, but the prospect of a Minnie Mouse costume was calling, and so I decided to settle for a bad frizzy hair day.

As I pulled into the thrift store parking lot, it was already full, but I felt passable enough, and so I went to work leafing through the racks and racks of tops.  I found five that I thought would work (well, actually just four, but the other one was just too cute to pass up), and so I took the tops into the fitting room and then arranged them one by one on the door ready to try on.  The only problem was that I really needed to go to the bathroom bad, and so I paused a bit thinking, "Can I hold it?"  I just didn't want to deal with that distraction while trying on clothes, and so I actually gathered up the tops, exited the stall, put the tops in a discrete place, and then searched for the bathrooms.

This particular thrift store is always so busy, and so I assumed that the restrooms would be equally busy as well, and I was not wrong on this point. I had to go so bad, however, so there was no scouting or surveillance; I just walked straight over to the restrooms and opened the door to the women's room.  There were four stalls total, and the first two closest to the door were occupied, and then there was a girl standing at the sink adjusting her hair in the mirror.  The bathroom itself was not spacious, and so I had to walk right behind the girl fussing with her hair and take the stall just behind her.

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