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A Treat from Elle (page 2 of 2)

After searching the best I could for items that I could picture myself wearing, I took an armload of things into the fitting room and went to work. I tried on the stretch jeans first so I could pair them with all of the subsequent tops, and so here are pictures and explanations of the Elle separates I tried on:

The pic above at left shows me wearing the stretch jeans with my Ann Taylor sweater. I really liked the combination of these two items, but the jeans were probably two sizes too big for me. I really didn't have the time to put myself back together, go back out to the sales floor, and grab a smaller pair of jeans, but something now tells me I should have gone back out there in my stocking feet and done just that.  : )

The middle pic is probably my favorite top from the afternoon. It's an unassuming plum color, and it also has small black polka dots that you can't see similar to the pattern of small seeds on a strawberry. It's like a ruffley tunic top with flair sleeves, and I really liked this top. Honestly, I've run into cuter Elle tops before, but I liked this one.

The top at right was also way cute, and I've been looking for a top that I can wear off the shoulders. When I brought this top into the fitting room, I thought it was such a top, but it's just got a super wide neckline. This was a cute top as well and definitely in the running.

The first top at left here is a black short-sleeve ruffle blouse with lightly-accented vertical lines. I liked the blouse, but for some reason, I don't feel as if black looks good on me. Over the summer when I was trying on blouses at Ann Taylor with my friend Karen, I tried on a pretty black blouse, but it just didn't seem to be my color.

The middle blouse is the exact cut as the peach blouse I tried on over the summer posted on the first page. I love the cut of this blouse especially the keyhole in the front, and I likely would have taken this blouse if it was straight white, but it had what I'll call a cookies and cream pattern to it that kinda turned me off on it.

The blouse at right is also a similar cut (you can definitely see the fashion trend in tops this year!), and this was a cute top as well but not one that really jumped out at me.  I took a pic from behind wearing this blouse because I wanted to see how badly my updo knot behind my head was coming undone.  When trying on lots of clothes in the fitting room, messing up my hair always becomes an issue, and today was no different I suppose.  I'll post the disheveled updo knot pic here even though it was originally intended for me to see what I looked like from behind.

After trying on the five blouses and the jeans, it was time to make a decision. Honestly, none of the separates were "had to have," but my coupons were expiring, and this was likely the only chance I'd have to shop at Kohl's as a girl before they did. After changing back into my sweater and skirt, I took all of the items back to the price scanner they had in one of the aisles and rescanned everything as I made my decision.

I finally settled on the plum blouse with the black strawberry dot pattern. It was something just a bit different, and I really liked the flairs and ruffles to it. Probably another deciding factor in favor of this blouse is that it also had and inside liner to it that will keep me warmer in the fall and winter months. With plenty of opportunities coming up to dress as a girl as the seasons turn colder, I will be able to wear this blouse without too much worry. So, it's not the cutest blouse by Elle I've ever seen, but for $4 after using those coupons, it was definitely worth the money.  Besides, can one really put a price on an afternoon shopping trip at the department store crossdressed as a girl?

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