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A Treat from Elle

a crossdresing man wearing a pretty plum floral dressBy far, the item of clothing that I have ever purchased or worn about which I've received the most positive feedback is this darling floral dress by Elle. I first found the dress at Kohl's exactly a year ago when I had a $5 off coupon that expired September 30th. The coupon was actually sent to my wife, and I waited all month to see if she was going to use it, and when it was evident that she had forgotten about it, I manufactured a girl day and went shopping at Kohl's the morning of September 20th before work.

With the five dollars, I ended up purchasing my first ever Warner's bra off of the clearance rack for $2, and then I also purchased a pair of black, opaque tights by Vera Wang. While I wasn't looking to overspend on that adventure, I did take some time to try on some items from Elle in the fitting room, and one of the items was this beautiful dress. As soon as I posted the update with pictures from the fitting room, my girl friend Aimee demanded that I go back and purchase the dress, and she would pay for it.

Well, I didn't go back right away to purchase the dress, but when another opportunity arose where I had a combination of coupons from Kohl's worth $17 this time, I went back as a girl and finally purchased that beloved dress. While that was definitely a pink letter day in the history of my shopping crossdressed as a girl, a similar opportunity presented itself again this year where I had two coupons from Kohl's valued this time at $18. The first coupon was a birthday coupon for my wife that totaled $10, but she didn't use it again, and so I gladly waited until the last minute to make good use of it. The second coupon was for $8, and it marked the eighth year since we opened our Kohl's charge account, and so with both of those coupons in hand, I decided to make another visit to Kohl's and buy something cute from Elle within the $18 - $25 range.

a man wearing a blouse and skirt shopping at Kohl's crossdressedI was a bit pressed for time this afternoon, and so I was forced to shop at a Kohl's that I'm not used to. I knew they would have plenty of things by Elle on display; I just needed to find them and then figure out the logistics of the fitting room. In my own Kohl's, they have various fitting rooms located throughout the store, and you just kind of see your way into them, but this particular Kohl's had less floor space at the ground level, and so they built two stories and then had a large fitting room in the very center of the sales floor monitored by a few sales girls. I've asked sales associates to try on things before, so I wasn't too worried about it, but it's always in the back of my blonde mind.

As for my outfit, I knew that I would be making this shopping visit near the end of my work day, and so I wanted to pose as a girl just finishing work. As a result, I began with a turtle neck sweater by Ann Taylor up top and paired that with a darling floral skirt by DownEast on the bottom. Due to the chilly fall weather we are now experiencing, I chose to wear L'eggs pantyhose sheer to waist in the Suntan shade, and then I capped the look off this time with my black ballet flats. When I was in the fitting room trying things on, I noticed a huge hole in my pantyhose located at the tip of the second toe on my right foot darn it.  At least I could cover the hole up with my ballet flats, but I guess it's time to shop for more pantyhose in the near future!!

a man driving crossdressed in a white turtleneck and braAs I pulled into the Kohl's, I noticed a lot of foot traffic coming and going, and that's okay with me. I don't mind crowded stores since everyone seems to mind their own business and look at other people less. As I entered through the front doors, the women's section was straight ahead and to the left, and in good time, I noticed the few racks of Elle items on display. I say "few" because Kohl's advertises heavily some of their other fashion lines like J-Lo, Apt. 9, and Lauren Conrad, but they don't really have any signage on the walls that I've ever seen for Elle.  As a result, the selection of Elle clothing is modest as well, but there's usually something cute on hand.

a man wearing a blouse and girl pants in the ladies fitting room crossdressedAs I started leafing through my first rack of Elle things, one of the girls from the fitting room station came and put a dress back on the same rack. We both said hello to each other, but I don't think she noticed anything as she was busy with her work while I was busy with my shopping. I didn't find a dress that was way cute, and I could barely find any Elle dresses that had sleeves. Most of the dresses seemed to be left over from the summer, and so I next moved onto blouses.

In the blouse section, I could definitely see a pattern where the sleeves and necklines were super frilly and ruffley, and those are two traits that I really like. Still, there wasn't that single blouse that just popped when I first saw it, but I gathered up a few here and there that interested me. As you may know, I just love the look of white blouses because it forces me to show off a white bra underneath, and while they did have two different blouses in white, neither really appealed to me, and so I didn't even bother trying them on.

After gathering up five or six blouses, I next went over to the pants section to see if I could find something fun there. Over the summer when Wendy and I participated in our dress-off, I found a pair of pixie jeans by Elle that were just darling. They were black jeans with white polka dots, and I paired them with a super cute short sleeve ruffle blouse in peach.  I've posted a picture of that outfit there at left, and if I could have found both pieces on sale, I likely would have purchased the outfit even if I did have to pay a little bit more money that I wanted.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find either of those items at this Kohl's store darn it or I'm sure I would have purchased one of the separates.  I did find a pair of stretch jeans in black with thin white check lines, but the size I grabbed turned out to be way to big (I took a size L into the fitting room), and while you see me trying those new stretch pants on in the next page, I was sorry that I didn't choose a better size up front.

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