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Errands at the Bank and Walmart (page 2 of 2)

As I was putting the checks in the plastic cylinder thingie, the girl working the drive thru welcomed me and asked how she could help me today. I stated that I just needed to deposit some checks into my checking account, and I closed them into the cylinder and then whooshed them up on their way over to the girl through the window. Because she was assisting other people at the same time, I waited for about 30 seconds before she called again.

When she was ready to process my checks, she asked me one more time to confirm that it was a deposit into my checking account, and I replied yes. Then as she began to type away at the keyboard, she asked me if I wanted a receipt, and I replied that I did.  I'm not sure if they pull up the stored ID at this point before issuing a receipt, but I actually wanted a receipt, and so I waited a bit nervously as she finished the transaction. After a few moments, I heard the whooshing sound of the canister making its return to me, and inside was a receipt for my transactions.  Both of us girls said our thank yous and good-bye, and I was on my way.

I did set up my phone to record the entire transaction of going through the drive thru, but on the video you can see my signature and my wife's signature on the back of a few checks not to mention our account number, and then I also show the receipt to the camera like a dumb blonde revealing the name of the bank. So...for those reasons, I will not post the video of the transaction since I don't know how to fuzzy out parts of the screen, but I have included some still shots from it to give everyone an idea including the one below where you can see into the teller window as I drove off.

After leaving the bank, it was next time to scoot over to Walmart and go bra shopping for Danielle. When Danielle and I were taking about bras, we both learned that we are the same size, and so it would be easy to shop for her. When I entered Walmart, it was during the noon lunch hour, and so there was quite a crowd on hand already, but I felt confident in my look and just scurried into the store along with everyone else.

Before going to the lingerie section, I needed to stop in the cosmetics department to purchase some Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I had forgotten to bring them along this morning, and since I would transition in my car before heading back to work, I needed some wipes in order to properly remove my makeup. I decided to just purchase the travel size, and after locating the wipes, it was off to lingerie to shop for bras. This was actually the first time I had shopped in this Walmart crossdressed, so it took me a bit to find the bra section and then to find the place where they displayed the Warner's bras.

In time, I located the bras and was elated when I found a pretty white bra in Danielle's size. Looking back, I'm not sure if Danielle wanted a white bra, but since that is my favorite color of bra, I just had a white Warner's bra pictured in my mind. I took a few selfies from the bra department and then took a few more in a few full length mirrors that I found on the sales floor. The first mirror I found in the women's department was quite dirty and had streaks all over it, and so after taking a few pictures there, I found another full length mirror right by the display of men's boxer shorts. Ugh, talk about boring underwear.

After taking a few selfies, it was time to check out, and so I used the self checkout registers as I always do, and before driving away, I went around to the side of the building and made a short video talking about my morning, so I'll let that video tell the rest of today's story:

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