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Lunch with Heidi (page 2 of 2)

With her back to the window, Heidi had full view of the dining area, and so she kept a sharp eye on everyone and whether or not unordinary glances were being case our way.  As for me, my back was facing the dining area, and so I hoped that my hair was properly clipped up in the back.  Whenever I get ready without the luxury of a mirror, I'm a bit apprehensive as to how authentic I look from behind.  I at least knew that I had chosen the perfect white bra to wear beneath my sleeveless top from Ann Taylor.  : )

In short time, our waitress--coincidentally named Heidi--came up and took our drink orders, and then it was time to browse the menus and settle into our environment. It took awhile for the other Heidi to come back and take our orders, and so as we waited, I decided to pull out my iPhone and take a short video from inside the restaurant. I had to talk with my voice a bit hushed, which I don't like to do, but I didn't want to make it obvious that I was taking video of everyone in our surroundings.

In due time, our waitress came back to us and we both placed our orders, and I'm not sure if she suspected that we were transgender girls or not. She was extremely professional and treated us like two women, and really, that's all that girls like us can ask for. As we sat in the restaurant, Heidi and I enjoyed each other's company chatting about this and that, and before we knew it our salads had arrived. We enjoyed our salads as we talked about proper posture and the proper technique for a lady to enjoy our lunch, and it was fun putting it all to the test. We also took pictures here and there and thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

Heidi was a little bit pressed for time this afternoon, and it didn't help when there was a huge gap between our salads and the entrees. When the entrees finally came, we both ate about half of our meals and then asked for carry-out boxes. On one hand, we were pressed for time and needed to hurry, but on the other hand, we still wanted to stay pretty, and that's difficult to do I've noticed when trying to eat a full meal.

As Heidi and I entered the restaurant initially, there was still quite a bit of traffic coming in and out of the restaurant, and so we didn't set up our phones to take pictures near the restaurant's entrance, but by the time we had finished our meals, it was about 1 PM, and the traffic near the entrance had settled down. This provided us the perfect opportunity to pose for a few pictures together and separately near the entrance to the restaurant and off to the side where an area had been set up for patrons to dine outside. It was just a gorgeous summer afternoon, and I was super pleased how the outdoor pictures turned out.

After a few quick photos, we said our good-byes, and now it's time to start coordinating our schedules again for another fun outing in the fall. It's been such a delight to meet up with Heidi on multiple occasions the past few months, and I'm super lucky to have yet another close friend whom I can meet face to face. Thanks, Heidi, for helping to make this an unforgettable summer!!

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