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Lunch with Danielle...As Boy Lisa!

By Danielle ~ I don't often get "extended girl" time, but my opportunity came up, and I asked Lisa if she could go with me out to eat in the middle of the day in "girl mode."  Her schedule didn't allow the time to transform into Lisa and then change back, so we came up with plan B, which was I would go in "girl mode" and she in "guy mode."

It had been years since I had been out to eat as Danielle, so this was something I wanted to try and do again.  Lisa suggested a place, and we set the plan in motion! It is always a challenge to leave your own neighborhood in your own car in the middle of the day and return, but a plan was put in motion for that too.

Lisa has taught me to fit in when out and about, but I broke her rule a bit and wore my fun wedge sandals and denim skirt, so I was likely a bit too tall, but when out, I want to show my legs!

I had been growing my nails long and hoped to use fingernail polish or press on nails, but the get-ready process always takes longer, and I didn't have time for that. Lisa and I have seen each other prior in "boy" mode or "mostly boy" mode, so we figured there wouldn't be any shock there. It was really fun to pull up and pick Lisa up in "boy mode" at the appointed time and place.

After a quick wave, I knew exactly who I was picking up. After a short drive to the restaurant, which was an order-at-the-counter type, we made our plans of what to eat and that "boy mode" Lisa would order for me (my female voice is severely lacking in female quality). We were ready to exit the car, and my sunglasses caught my lash and pulled it free! I had brought glue, so Lisa helped me quickly get it back on properly.  Thank heavens for a purse with "girl things."

We chose a bit later lunch time hoping the place wouldn't be very busy, and it wasn't. "Boy mode" Lisa held the door, and the adventure began!  I settled in wanting to blend in, and finally my heart settled down. Lisa got our order and drinks and captured a few pictures from far away and close-up in process. We were just a couple having a meal and talking away. Our time together is never long enough as we each have a lot to say. It was a great meal, a great friend, and a great adventure. Lisa was even attentive to comment about my nicely-sculpted nails .

Our time came to an end, and I dropped Lisa off and went home, but not before stopping for gas and getting the obligatory Gas Station pictures! After that, it was zip into the garage door down with no neighbors out to wonder!

By Lisa ~ Today was a one-of-a-kind activity because for the first time ever, I allowed one of my friends to fully see my guy side.  As a transgender girl or crossdresser, it's easy for us to feel isolated, and I don't know how many times I've thought of adventures or outings that sounded fun but that would require someone else to go with me.

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