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Hiking with Heidi (page 2 of 2)

After both of us took some video, we noticed just how hot the morning was getting, and so we decided to take refuge in a shady grove of trees that had this huge stump in the middle of it. We both recognized that the stump would be a fun prop for some pictures, and so we rested in the grove of trees for a bit and snapped away with our cameras. As we did so, there were lots of people who passed us on the trail, and it was fun to try and time the pictures so that people would accidentally photo bomb us. After goofing around a bit with some of the pictures, we decided that instead of hiking further it would be best to go back to the cars and actually drive up a narrow dirt road that would take us closer to the wild flowers.

We quickly hiked back down to the parking lot and decided to go together in one car just because we knew the parking was scarce and the traffic a bit heavy. I'm actually glad that we went back to the cars because the morning was getting hot, and my Under Armour top was getting too uncomfortable. I had worn the top a few times to run last November, and it was perfect for that chilly weather, but I learned quickly this morning that it was not meant for summer usage. Fortunately, as I left the house this morning, I brought along an extra top on a whim, and I'm glad I did. The backup top I brought was a lightweight tank top from the Old Navy gauze line, and while the cute ruffle neckline suggests this top was not designed to be worn during strenuous activity, it was the perfect top for the situation at hand.

I felt like a new girl with this summery top on, and it didn't look strange with my black, workout skirt, and so after changing in the car, I bounded back out to where Heidi was so we could take pictures among the wild flowers. We would find a cute place to stop and take photos and then move onto the next spot for more photos, and I must say that the scenery was simply breathtaking.

Along the way we were scolded by a law enforcement officer and a construction person who had an external speaker hooked up to their large rig because apparently you weren't supposed to stop anywhere along the dirt road for any reason. Well, we girls wanted the perfect pictures, and so we'd drive a little, stop on the dirt road, and then do a quick photo shoot. That strategy worked for the most part, but there was one scene that we weren't able to shoot when the law enforcement vehicles made us move. What was fun is that every time someone scolded us through their external speaker, they either referred to us as "girls" or as "ladies," so I guess that made it all worth it. :P

I suppose at this point, I'll let the video and a photo gallery tell the rest of the story. After our little hike, Heidi and I did regroup and meet back up for lunch, but I'll save that for a separate entry.  In the meantime, I have a short video linked below and then a photo gallery linked just below that of all the fun pics we took this morning.

Click Here to view the photo gallery of Heidi and Lisa's hike among the wild flowers

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