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Hiking with Heidi

two beautiful crossdressers hikingAt the end of my extended girl time, I'm always busy getting everything posted to my website, and while reliving the memories and viewing the pictures keeps me going for awhile, it doesn't take long before the girl inside is ready to come out again. So you can imagine my giddiness when Heidi contacted me asking if I was available for some girl time in a few weeks time. I quickly replied telling her that I would manufacture the time if I had to, and so we set a date.

Leading up to the day, we discussed the usual items like outfits and activities, and we both decided that we wanted to actually go out and do something fun instead of focusing solely on pictures, and so we decided in the end to go on a nature hike. Heidi and I are so blessed to live in a gorgeous part of the world with tall mountains, and in the summer time, the prettiest wild flowers bloom in the mountains, and so we decided to hike among the wild flowers this morning.

a picture of my outfit while hiking crossdressedAs we discussed our various outfits, we decided that workout gear would be fun, and so Heidi decided to wear a fun purple long sleeve top and black yoga pants, and I decided on my red long-sleeve Under Armour top paired with a short, black workout skirt from Old Navy. I also wanted to keep the sun off of my face, and so I wore a Nike golf visor that worked well for some of my exercise looks earlier in the summer. As for my shoes, I don't have girl hiking shoes, and so I decided to stay with the workout theme and wear my black, red, and white Nikes.

Heidi and I agreed to meet near a popular trailhead just before 10 AM, and I was driving up the canyon towards the trailhead, Heidi texted saying that the parking lot was full for our planned destination. We had hoped to hike a few miles up to a pretty mountain lake, but Heidi had checked with the information booth at the top of the canyon and learned that the parking lot was full. By the time I reached her, they had placed orange cones everywhere blocking the traffic, and so the two of us girls were forced to change our plans a bit. We still wanted to hike, but we unfortunately wouldn't be able to make it to the mountain like.

crossdresser selfie at the hiking trail headUndeterred, we drove our cars to the parking lot of a popular ski resort and decided to hike up the slopes and see what we could find. We already knew that the crowds would be large in the mountains, but that seemed to add to the fun of it all. After exiting my car, I decided to do my hair up tight since the sun was already hot on my back, and so Heidi worked her selfie magic in the parking lot taking pictures as I made a few adjustments.

a hiker crossdressed on a mountain pathWhen I was ready, we took off up a trail near a popular ski run, and we probably didn't get 100 steps before we both thought, "Well, should we take some pictures??" Without that goal of reaching the mountain lake, we were two girls without a concrete plan, and so we immediately started taking pictures every few minutes. As we stopped for pictures, lots of people passed us, some large groups and others groups of one or two people.

At one particular point, we stopped on the trail as it overlooked a creek bustling in a small canyon beneath us, and I thought the scene was so pretty that I wanted to take some video. As I took video that lasted for about a minute, there were three ladies unbeknownst to me waiting to get by us on the trail. I had no idea until I got home and watched the video, but a younger girl in the group started to go down the path right towards me until someone stopped her. The girls seemed a bit annoyed that they had to wait for me to shoot video, but I had no idea they were waiting for me or else I would have gladly let them pass by before I got out my iPhone.

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