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Dress Off 3.0 with Wendy

crossdressing a red Elle top and white Polo shortsExtended girl time just wouldn't be the same if I didn't hold a Dress Off with my dear friend, Wendy. Wendy and I are separated by a few thousand miles, but it still doesn't mean that we wouldn't love to spend a morning or afternoon shopping together, and so we both decided one day to visit our respective Kohl's stores at the same time and then send pictures to each other of the various outfits we were trying on the fitting room. That idea then turned into a fun challenge where one girl would find something cute, try it on, send a picture to the other girl from the fitting room, and then challenge her to find the same thing in her own store and try it on.

crossdresser tying her hair up in a tight bunIt was such a fun idea that both of us latched onto it quickly, but after the first Dress Off, we realized that it took too much time to wait for the other girl's text and then go find the item. We also ran into the problem of our respective stores carrying different inventory, and so there wasn't a guarantee that the same dress one girl found would be available at the other girl's Kohl's. For this reason, we tweaked the rules a bit for our Dress Off II where we challenged each other to find the cutest outfit in the various brands that Kohl's carries.

That format worked out much better, but determining which outfit is the cutest is a bit subjective, and so for the Dress Off III, we decided to focus on volume: which girl can try on the most outfits from the various brands at Kohl's in a single morning?

We both know all of the brands carried at Kohl's by heart, and so we decided on a scoring system of one point for a dress, one point for accessorizing two separates from the same brand, and then a bonus point if a girl was able to find a dress and two a crossdresser showing off her outfit from the Kohls fitting roomseparates from the same brand and try them on in the fitting room. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker would be which girl could try on the cutest bralette in the fitting room. Since Wendy is the absolute queen of the fitting rooms, I knew it would be a tall order to try and dethrone her, but I was ready for the task.

First things first, I needed to decide on a cute outfit of my own to wear to Kohl's, and I suppose I wasn't focused as much on cute as I was, "What are the other girls going to be wearing?" For this morning's contest, I selected a fun red top by Elle with gathers around the neckline and pretty ruffle sleeves, and then I paired that with my white summer shorts by Polo. And that was it. I wore the top and shorts pretty crossdresser behind the wheelover a lavender bra and teal panties, and I was ready to go. I did tie my hair into a tight bun since I've learned from experience that when trying on lots of items in the fitting room, it's best to have the hair completely out of the way, but after putting tops on and off constantly, the bun came so lose that I eventually just settled for a ponytail.

I think Wendy and I were taking the contest more seriously this morning because we didn't really trash talk each other via text as we usually do nor did we send each other the complimentary picture of the other girl getting ready in just her bra. Either that or we were concerned about the clock because time was of the essence for this morning's competition.

With that said, I think a photo gallery from this point is the best format to narrate the Dress Off  3 !!

2/2 Black Bra Day

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