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Practice Walking in Heels

crossdressed in a navy dress, sheer pantyhose, and heelsSo I am WAY excited to be going to a musical this weekend. I have a ticket (yes, I'm unfortunately going alone, sigh) to the musical Cinderella, and I'm so looking forward to it. As part of my outfit, I INSIST on wearing pantyhose and heels because that's just what ladies do when they attend the theater, and so I thought that I had better get out and practice walking in heels for a bit today, so I can glide down the city streets this weekend.

view from behind of a crossdresser in a navy dress, pantyhose, and heelsCall me traditional, but I think that if a girl goes to the trouble of wearing closed-toe heels in public then she should also be wearing pantyhose, so despite the hot summer weather, I decided to put on a nice dress with pantyhose and heels and then drive to the department store to purchase a new pair of pantyhose. Due to the heat, I wanted to wear as sheer of nylons as possible, and so I selected a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections in Town Taupe, and then I put on the a new dress that I purchased recently at the thrift store when shopping together with Heidi. This dress is by DownEast, and the fabric is actually a heavier cotton, and initially I planned to wear this dress to the musical, but I felt the heaviness of it would be too hot for the weather.

This afternoon since I was only going to dash into the department store, purchase a new pair of pantyhose, and then come back out, I thought that this dress would be sufficient. The dress itself is a pretty navy/purple color with extra fabric that folds down from the neckline giving it a fun ruffled collar, and then there is also an elastic gather around the waistline allowing me to create the perfect waist for my girlish figure. :) Since I am a stickler for proper waistlines, you'll notice on this dress that the waistline is nice and high, almost directly between my bust line. This high waistline helps to create more of a flattering A-line figure, especially since I don't have the hips and butt to properly fill out the dress below.
dash cam selfie of a crossdresser driving to the department store for new pantyhose
With my dress and pantyhose on, it was finally time to slip into the heels that I'll be wearing to the musical. These heels are a bit modest with about two inch heels, and I actually own a pair of higher heels, but I'm paranoid about making my height even higher, and so I decided to compromise and wear heels but go for a shorter pair. This particular pair of heels has a pretty bow at the front of each toe, and I bought these to wear to the musical Wicked many years ago, so it was fun to dust them off and step into them today so I could practice walking properly like a lady while wearing them.

The particular department store that I chose is a Fred Meyer that is attached to a Smith's supermarket. Fred Meyer carries a line of pantyhose called GNW, or Great North West, and I really enjoy their line of pantyhose. When I need pantyhose with a thinner denier than L'eggs, and when I don't want to pay Hanes Silk Reflections prices, I usually go with the GNW line. The drive to the store was quite short, and I was excited to be able to walk into the store and then browse around for a new pair of pantyhose all while wearing heels.

view from behind of a crossdresser walking into the department store to buy pantyhoseIt was during the afternoon when I arrived, and I was surprised at just how many people were milling about. Everyone was wearing their summer attire except me, but in a way, I was kind of happy to stick out. With my hair down and flowing across my shoulders, I felt like a beautiful girl, and so I wanted to show the world that I could indeed walk in heels.

For this particular adventure, I thought it would be fun to set up a camera on a tripod on the dashboard of my car and then make a video of me walking into the store and then walking back out of the store. I decided that I could just cut the boring middle part out while I was in the store and then show everyone my walking into the entrance and then back out from the entrance with pantyhose in hand. I set up my camera on a little tripod, clicked the button, and then I was off into the department store for a new pair of pantyhose.

There was quite a crowd of people coming and going, but I made sure to just maintain my usual gait and concentrate on my posture, etc. I did get several looks from people, but I'm sure that it was because I was dressed the way I was on a hot, summer afternoon, and so I didn't mind the looks at all. Since I shop at this Fred Meyer often, I knew right where the hosiery section was, and so I walked straight to the aisle that sells the pantyhose.

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