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Dashing to Walmart for Makeup Remover Wipes

crossdressed in a white top over a white bra with a denim skirt and nude pantyhoseOriginally, I was not planning on going out tonight as a girl, but I am down to my last Neutrogena makeup remover wipe, and so in preparation of future outings, I needed to dash to Walmart to pick up some more wipes. I think it would be super fun if I could get companies to sponsor me if I would push their products, but I would only push products that I actually like and use. And one such product that I highly endorse is Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.

In the past, I had the most difficult time removing my eye makeup, and when I refer to eye makeup, I'm talking about elements like eye liner and mascara that have a bit of oil and grease in them, not simple eye shadow. My initial method of removing eye makeup was to hop in the shower and use shampoo since it's designed to remove the grease and oil from one's hair, and while shampoo would work for the most part, I'd still have little splotches here and there, especially in the corners of my eyes and the base of my eyelashes.

back view of me crossdressed in a white top, denim skirt, and nude pantyhoseIf shampoo didn't work fully then my next step would be to use dish detergent. I know it sounds crazy, but I've never had a mother or a sister show me how to properly remove makeup, and so I was just improvising with what was around the house. I could inevitably get my eye makeup off with these methods, but in doing so it would irritate my eyes to the point that my wife would always notice. "Is something wrong with your eyes?" she'd ask, and when I'd go look in the mirror, sure enough they were always red and puffy. I knew there had to be a simpler way to remove eye makeup, and so I turned to the internet and learned about Neutrogena makeup up remover.

Ever since I started using the wipes, my wife has never again asked me about my eyes on those days when I manufactured girl time in the morning, etc., and beyond that, my eyes just feel better when I use it. I know this is totally sounding like a commercial, but I promise that Neutrogena does not supply me with any products even though I wish they did. I just want to let anyone know whose struggling with similar issues what works best for me. At any rate, I'm down to crossdressing while driving my carmy last wipe, and so I really needed to restock because I have some super fun outings planned over the next few days, and I want to be fully ready without worrying how I'm going to take my makeup off.

I decided to visit one of those Walmart grocery stores to purchase the wipes, and I think I chose to go to a different Walmart just for some variety. I've already been to my main Walmart a few times this summer, and I felt like changing up the scenery a bit. I guess I also felt like changing up my hair style a bit because I went with a different look tonight where I have bangs and hair that flares out at the neckline. This is a super fun style to wear if I can get the bangs to pop and look lively, and so that was my goal tonight.

As has usually been the case when I've gone out in the evenings, I've decided to wear pantyhose with my outfit. I have a super hard time taking pantyhose off once I've put them on in the morning, and really the only thing that can get them off of me is hopping in the shower. Today, I was fully underdressed at work wearing pantyhose, and so I decided to just keep them on for tonight's excursion. Besides, there was enough cloud cover in the sky to keep things cool for a summer evening.

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