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New Summer Separates

crossdressed in a striped orange top and jersey skirtAfter a string of outings in the evening or after dark, it was so nice today to finally have some girl time in the morning. I really feel as if I'm in my best element in the AM when all of the other moms are out and about running errands. The sunshine still feels good before noon, and it doesn't get quite as hot, so I was way excited to have a few hours this morning for some quality Lisa time.

One thing that I always like to do in the summer is visit my local thrift store and leaf through the racks and racks of tops and shorts. In particular, I am really on the lookout for a pair of denim shorts or knee-length capris to coordinate with my simple summer tops, and then you never know when you're going to find that perfect brand-name top for just $3.00. : )

cute crossdresser pose from behind in a fun top and skirtFor my outfit today, I decided to wear a really fun striped top in orange and white from Old Navy that has strings around the neckline that I can tie into a pretty bow, and then I paired this top with my simply jersey skirt in gray. This skirt is perfect for the summer because there is just enough flair to it that it's doesn't feel tight or pressing on those warm summer days. I just love how this skirt swishes back and forth across my legs as I walk and shop like a girl.

Already feeling pretty, there was no doubt that the final piece to my outfit puzzle would be my white strappy sandals, and I just love creating these simple yet fun looks in order to go shopping on a bright summer morning. I did tie my hair into an up-do for the day because 1) it would keep me cooler in the summer heat, and 2) it keeps the my hair out of the way when I am constantly changing clothes in the fitting room.
crossdresser close-up selfie
The drive to my local thrift store takes just minutes, and I didn't even care how many cars were in the parking lot when I arrived; I was ready for some serious shopping. I flung my purse over one elbow and strode right through the front doors and then veered towards the denim shorts and capris that mostly hang up in displays on the wall. On days like this when I have sufficient time to browse, I literally look through every pair of denim examining the brand name and then the length of the shorts or capris. I found two candidates that I would consider trying on, and so I laid them over my arm and then next browsed through as many summer tops as I could find.

I think rather than describing all of the tops one by one now, it will be easier to show each item I tried on with accompanying pictures, so I will post a pic here of all the separates I chose on the sales floor and then lined up on the door of my fitting room after choosing a stall. I love this pic because it's so typical of the types of separates that I love to put together for my summer outfits:
a crossdresser taking clothes into the fitting room

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