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My New Bralettes

crossdressed in a jersey dress and nude pantyhoseI literally have the windows of my girl time planned out hour by hour, and with my extended girl time winding down this summer, I felt it was now or never if I was going to buy a new bralette.  As I've detailed the last few weeks, I have been looking carefully at the bralette selections in various department stores, and based on this painful research, I determined that Target has the best bralette selection of anyone. As a result, I had a small window tonight to scoot on over to Target to finally purchase a new bralette.

Since today was a super busy day for "him," it was already dark by the time I was able to apply my makeup, do my hair, and then dress up in a cute outfit in order to shop for bralettes, and so I didn't need to worry as much about the hot weather outside. As is usually the case, I was already wearing pantyhose throughout the day along with bra and panties, and I really didn't feel like taking them off for this excursion, and so I slipped into a darling jersey dress with navy and white stripes, and I was all but ready to go.

crossdresser wearing a jersey dress and nude nylonsBecause the nylons were covering my painted toe nails, I wasn't worried about showing off my pedicure tonight, and so I slipped into my black ballet flats, the first time that I have actually worn them this summer. I was pleased with the way my hair looked worn long, and so I didn't bother pulling it back into a ponytail or tying it into a bun, and after a few more minutes of primping and fussing, I was ready to go.

Because it was so dark, I didn't even bother taking selfies from the dashboard of my car, and in due time I arrived at the closest Super Target. The number of cars in the parking lot were sparse, and since this was a Super Target, I was quite sure my shopping experience would be quiet with everyone so spread out. I did attempt to take a few pictures standing in front of the store in my outfit, and while the pics turned out dark and grainy, you can still get a good idea of what it was like on this dark night.

crossdresser in front of Target ready to shop for bralettesIt also felt so good to be out wearing a dress and pantyhose, and the light breeze felt so good against my legs. After doing a few poses out in front of the store, it was time to sling my purse over an arm and then walk into Target in search of darling bralettes.

I was correct in that the shoppers were sparse due to the late hour, and so I was already relaxed as I made my way to lingerie. In order to get to the lingerie department, you have to walk past the swimming suit section, and I must say that it looked like a war zone. I mean, it is so darn hot in the summer these days, and I crossdressed at Target lingerie shopping for bralettescan just imagine everyone coming in to look for new swim wear, but I was shocked at how many bikini tops and swim bottoms were strewn all over the floor. There was a girl working on the mess, and I felt sorry for her, and if there is one area where girls need better manners, it's not leaving the shopping area such a mess when they leave.

Anyway, I walked past the swim wear and then turned the corner to lingerie. I didn't think there would be anyone shopping for lingerie this late, but there was actually another girl there looking at bras. She was probably late twenties and a petite thing with long, brown hair, and she was actually wearing a Guns N' Roses tee shirt, which I thought was cute. I was a teen and in my early twenties at the height of Guns N' Roses' career, and I could tell that this girl was too cute to be an actual fan. I'm sure she purchased the tee at H&M or something because I've seen a lot of younger girls wearing those retro rock tee shirts.

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