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Wearing a Pink Cami and Bra to the Grocery Store

crossdressed in a pink camisole over a pink braToday was yet another day filled with lots of hustle and bustle that I was unfortunately not able to do as a girl, but I managed to return home just as the sun was setting, and I did need to dash to the grocery store for a few essentials, and so I thought I'd make the grocery run crossdressed as a girl.

Since we are indeed in the heat of summer, I decided to wear as little as possible on my errand, and so for my top, I chose a fun candy-stripe camisole with pink and white stripes, and I wore it over my Warner's bra with the pink straps and pink polka dots on the white cups. As for my lower half, I slid into my denim short-shorts, and just like that, I was ready to head to the supermarket dressed down in the perfect outfit for a hot summer night.

Before leaving the house, I pulled my hair back and clipped it into a fun updo, and the final touch was a simple pair of black Nike flip-flops to show up off my Kiss Me nails, and while this was a super simple outfit, one look that I just adore on other girls is a camisole paired with the proper bra, and so it was fun to try and do that myself tonight.

driving in a pink cami with my pink bra straps visibleI left for the grocery store at dusk, and it was getting dark quickly making it difficult to take pictures in the car and outside of the store, but I did manage a fun selfie once inside the store. I didn't need to purchase much tonight, but two items that I rely heavily on--especially for breakfast--are milk and bananas, and I was out of both, and so that gave me the excuse to dash to the grocery store and do it crossdressed as a girl.

It felt so liberating to be dressed in the cami and short-shorts, and I also loved it that my pink bra straps were visible from beneath the cami. Bras have definitely become an accessory in today's fashion world, and I enjoy hopping on that bandwagon when I can. :)

crossdressed at the supermarket wearing a pink camisole and pink braDue to the later hour, the store was not crowded, and so I was completely relaxed as I first went to the dairy section for some milk and next to the produce department for my bananas. It is super tough to find a mirror in a grocery store in order to take a selfie, but this particular store has one inside of the refrigerator where they keep their energy drinks, and so I held my milk and bananas and leaned into the refrigerator shelf to take a quick selfie.

With my essentials in hand, I next headed to the self check-out registers, and I actually made a mistake in entering my bananas twice, and so I had to have the girl come over and do her authorize thingie with the computer to delete one of the entries and let me finish the check-out process. I'm quite familiar with this girl, and she always likes to color her hair bright colors. Sometimes it's bright red, and then today it was a bright blue. She's probably in her early twenties, and even if she did suspect that I was a transgender girl, I doubt she would care.

We had a fun exchange as I asked her to help me, and she zipped right through whatever process she needed to do, and then I was ready to do the Finish & Pay portion of the transaction. I swiped my debit card, grabbed the receipt, and then put the groceries in the front basket of my mini-cart, and I was on my way out the door. I did manage to take a few pictures in front of the store, but it was almost completely dark by now, and the light from the store was not a good background from which to take a night selfie. Oh well.

When I drove home, there were some things that I wanted to talk about, and so I set up my camera and actually made a video for about six minutes talking about my outfit, talking about my excursion to the grocery store, and then talking about my tan lines this year of all topics. I know this was a totally random diary entry, but I had fun doing it, so without further adieux, here is my video from tonight:

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