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Late-night Visit to Kohl's

crossdressed at Kohl's at nightTonight was one of those nights when I almost didn't go out dressed as a girl. It was getting late, and I had just finished a super busy day, and sometimes it's just fun to relax on the couch and watch television wearing my pink nightie and pantyhose. However, I have an outing planned with my girl friend Wendy coming up, and I needed to do some preparation work ahead of the outing.

It would be super fun to actually meet Wendy face to face just as I've done recently with Karen and Danielle, but she lives about two thousand miles away, and so our outings to this point have been virtual shopping trips with both of us visiting our respective Kohl's stores and then texting and sending pictures of various outfits as we try them on right there in the fitting room. While it's not a face to face outing, it's still fun to know that we are shopping "together" even though we are separated physically.

A few years ago, we got the idea to have a competition to see who could find the most outfits that the other girl tried on, and we referred to our little game as the Dress Off. It was so fun that we held a Dress Off II a few months later, and now we are planning a Dress Off III for next week.  Little by little we are tweaking the rules of the dress off, and so to get a shaved leg up on the competition, I decided to leave the house tonight despite the late hour and do some pre-dress-off scouting at Kohl's (don't tell Wendy).

crossdresser shopping for Hanes pantyhose at Kohl'sSince I had about 30 minutes before Kohl's was closing, I dashed into my closet and chose a simple outfit that I thought a girl of my age would likely wear to Kohl's late on a summer night, and the outfit consisted of a simple green top form Old Navy with puff sleeves and a pair of khaki shorts that I purchased from Kohl's off of the clearance racks for $2.16 several years ago. I completed my outfit with my white strappy sandals, and I was ready to go.

crossdresser selfie at Kohl'sIn my haste, I didn't take any pictures of my outfit from my bedroom, but I did pause in the parking lot in front of Kohl's to take a quick pic. It was so dark, and the photo turned out a bit grainy, but at least you can see me in front of Kohl's.

My first stop once inside was the hosiery department. I'm going to the musical Cinderella at the end of my girl time, and I want a nice pair of summer pantyhose that I can wear to the theater. I have plenty of pairs of pantyhose in my drawer crossdressed with a pink bralette at Kohl'salready, but I wanted to shop for something as light as possible, so I went to the hosiery section to see if the Hanes Sheer Reflections were on sale. To my dismay, they weren't, but I did take a quick selfie with the pantyhose behind me just for fun.

After leaving the hosiery section, I began looking for cute outfits that I could try on during the dress off with Wendy. I looked at dresses and tops and skirts and anything cute that I could find. I also took some time to browse through the clearance racks to see if I could find any super good deals just in case I wanted to take something home. An area that I also had to check was lingerie. As I've blogged about previously, I'm way excited to buy me a new bralette, and so I've been keeping my eyes open for pretty bralettes that I could wear either with my girl outfits or underdressed as a guy.

Kohl's definitely doesn't have the selection of bralettes that Target does, but I did find a pink bralette that I thought could work when dressed as a girl. Some of the bralettes have no support in the cups, and then others do have enough support that a girl could wear the bralette under a simple top with no issues, so I just need to find what's best for me. I did manage a quick selfie with a pretty pink bralette in hand, and I made some mental notes regarding the bralettes that Kohl's has in stock just in case I want to come back and purchase one.

By this time they were making the announcement that the store would be closing in 10 minutes, and so it was time to scoot home and get ready for another day. I'm meeting Wendy again one more time tomorrow evening, so there's still plenty of fun outings in store for me.

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