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Folding My Laundry Crossdressed as a Girl

One of the most exciting times for me as a cross dresser is laundry day. I just love to launder my bras and panties and the other items of female clothing that I've been wearing for the last week or so. I find that I'm quite meticulous when doing my laundry for my girl's clothes, and it's always fun when it comes time to fold my bras and panties and then store them in my drawer for use during the upcoming week.
crossdresser doing her laundry
I've noticed lately that when I do laundry, my mind goes back to where I wore each item and what I was doing. Now, I do laundry during my summer extended girl time several times, but I felt as if I had some fun stories to tell from the batch of laundry on this particular day, and then I also explain my wardrobe in general as I fold my clothes.

When doing chores on a hot summer afternoon, I love to get dressed in as skimpy of an outfit as possible, and so today I chose to wear a yellow camisole from Abercrombie & Fitch and then pair that with my denim short-shorts. I feel like such a girl wearing this outfit around the house, and I also love it that you can see my white bra straps peeking out from behind the straps of the camisole. The straps of this cami are so thin that none of my bras would be completely hidden behind them, but I just love the combination of bra straps and cami straps together.
crossdresser folding her laundry
There's not much to tell here that I don't explain in the video below, which actually amounts to about eight minutes. I hope it doesn't get too boring for everyone. I start in the actual laundry room and pull my things out of the dryer, and then I take the clothes basket to my bedroom to actually fold the laundry and explain some of the items.

Without further adieu, here is video of me foling my laundry crossdressed around the house as a girl:

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