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Grocery Shopping Crossdressed as a Girl

crossdressing a Minnie Mouse tee shirt at the grocery storeToday was one of those busy days where I wasn't able to transform fully en femme until the evening, but I at least wanted to go somewhere cross dressed as a girl, and so I decided to head to the grocery store and do some shopping for a few essentials. I've been to the grocery store countless times as a girl, but I still derive great pleasure from putting my purse in the front of the cart and strolling through the aisles just like any other girl there shopping.

Since today was a hot summer day, I wanted to keep my outfit and my look simple, and so I decided to wear my Minnie Mouse tee shirt and then pair that with my knee-length cargo pants. I've found that when I've been out shopping as a girl that I've been keeping my eye on tee shirts more and more, and I think it's a sign of my wanting to really be a simple girl on most days, and then a girlie girl for the more special occasions like meeting with friends or going downtown for shopping or the theater, and so going to the grocery store tonight was one of those simple outings that was still fun. : )

The other night when I went to Target to shop for bralettes, it was actually a cooler summer day and then chilly in the evening, and so I just kept my pantyhose on after work and wore them beneath crossdressed and driving in a Minnie Mouse tee shirtmy cargo pants, but this evening I was doing a few things in the yard wearing my cargo pants, and it just felt too hot for pantyhose. The good news is that my toes are still painted a cute pink, and so I was able to show off my pedicure through my Nike flip-flops as I shopped.

On the drive to the supermarket, the sun had already set and the summer light was fading fast, but I did manage a few selfies from the dashboard of my car. As I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, there was a fair amount of cars there already, but it's funny...when I see a lot of cars my heart doesn't sink because I'm worried about the crowds in the store; rather, I think to myself, "Goodness, it's going to be harder to take pictures here in the parking with all these people around wondering what's going on." I did manage to sneak a picture before going in with my camera perched on the hood of my car. The only problem is the headlights from my car hadn't turned themselves off yet, so there is a bit of glow there in the first pic shining on my purse and cargo shorts.

crossdressed in the feminine hygiene aisle at the supermarketI love it that I feel so much at home dressed like this during the summer. My hair was pulled back tightly and clipped into a fun updo, and I was just another one of the girls out shopping on a warm, summer evening. I actually entered the store on the side by the pharmacy, so while I was close by, I decided to browse the aisle with the makeup and feminine hygiene products. I didn't have any pressing needs in those two areas tonight, but I always love to look at which makeup items or pads are on sale. The meager pantyhose section is also at the end of this aisle, so I love to just browse down the aisle keeping my eyes open for anything fun and on sale.

I did manage to take a few selfies from the "girl" aisle and then it was off to the back of the store for some milk and then the produce section. I notice that during my extended girl time, I only buy the bare minimum of something just so it gives me the excuse to come back sooner to the grocery store as a girl. For example, instead of a gallon of milk, I'll settle for a half just so I have to come back sooner for more. As I approached the refrigerators with the milk, there was another lady there with a cart and a guy without, but I just walked in between them and picked up my half gallon of milk.

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