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Camping and Fishing Underdressed in Bra and Panties

crossdresser catching a fishOccasionally I will post updates where I am not able to present 100% as a girl, and today will be one such update. Still, my outing had enough fun highlights that I thought it would be worth sharing, and I also snuck in a few pictures here and there that will help illustrate just how much fun I had over the weekend camping and fishing even though I couldn't completely be a girl on the outside.

In my previous diary entry, I talked about getting ready for my weekend camping and fishing trip by doing the last-minute shopping as a girl, and so for this update, I'll talk about my actual weekend, and all of those little areas where I was able to enjoy the more subtle, feminine things.

First, whenever I go camping, fishing, or even backpacking with my friend, I am always under dressed in bra and panties. I usually wear long-sleeve shirts just to keep myself protected from the sun, and these long-sleeve shirts are usually loose enough to hide the fact that I'm wearing a bra. Today, I was actually dressed in a long-sleeve shirt as I packed the car and got ready, but I was getting so hot in the summer sun that I decided to change into a small tee shirt to wear over my A-cup bra. I was a little bit nervous as I picked my friend up, but I was banking on the notion that the last thing he would scrutinize is whether or not his guy friend was really wearing a bra.

guy wearing a bra beneath his tee shirt while campingI got no such indication from him during the drive or while we were setting up camp, and it felt great to be in the outdoors wearing just a light tee shirt with a bra underneath. It would have been too obvious to take pictures as I drove, but as we were scurrying about the camp area setting things up, I was able to take a few pictures of my top and bra with my iPhone.

crossdresser trying on hiking boots with her skirt and pantyhoseAfter setting up camp, it was time to do some evening fishing, and being on the water as the sun hides behind the mountains can get chilly, and so I did pull on my long sleeve shirt again over my bra, but it still felt good to be wearing a bra beneath my clothing the remainder of the evening not to mention the silky panties I had on beneath my shorts.

Since my friend and I also wade a lot of the time through the river, we both wear waders up to our chest, and then I had on a pair of shoes that I bought cross dressed as a girl last fall. You may remember this picture at right of me in the fitting room wearing huge hiking shoes with my long skirt and pantyhose. Well, I was running some errands en femme in the morning before work, and my plan was to go straight into work after my errands, which requires me to de-girl in the car before going to the office. Well I left the house wearing a pretty pair of flats with my nylons but forgot to bring some guy shoes to wear at work, and so I had to make one more trip to the thrift store to buy a pair of shoes cheap. I came across a pair of hiking shoes that were like three sizes too big, but I knew that I could use them to wear on top of my waders when I went fly fishing, so it was fun to finally put them to good use. :)

We fished until dark and then drove back to the campsite to make a fire and then barbecue the rib eye steak pieces I had prepared over the fire. After getting the fire going, we needed to give it time to burn down and produce some coals, and so I took that opportunity to go into my tent and change into warmer clothing. Summer evenings where I live are so pleasant and fun, but summer evenings in the mountains where I live are very chilly, and temperatures can dip into the low 40's or even high 30's, and we could definitely feel that chill coming, and so I changed clothes in my tent putting on a pair of nude pantyhose and then covering up my legs with some fleece pants. Up top, I pulled on a toasty jacket over my shirt and bra to keep my upper half warm.

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