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Shopping for Bralettes

painted toenails showing through my nylonsI am subscribed to email lists from several companies where I love to shop like Ann Taylor, Old Navy, etc., and then I'm also on the email list for a few lingerie companies. I rarely purchase anything online anymore, but it's fun to keep up with the latest styles and fashions through these email lists.

I think it was a year or two ago when I first heard the term "bralette" in one of the emails from a lingerie company I'm subscribed to. The bralettes they advertised were very pretty and lacy, and so I've kept my eye open for bralettes ever since. I also have this dear friend, Petra, who hopped on the bralette bandwagon early, and she has been recommending them to me for awhile now. One of the biggest benefits to bralettes for girls like us is that they can be easily under dressed, and so I've been hoping this summer to do some bralette shopping.

crossdresser modeling a pretty hair accessoryA store that I haven't been to in awhile crossdressed is Target, and so I decided to go there tonight to browse for bralettes. I also wasn't able to get out as a girl until after 9 PM tonight, and so most of the other mainstream stores were already closed. Target is open late, fortunately, and they also have a sizeable lingerie department with pretty bras and panties, and so I decided to dash over to Target for some late-night bra shopping.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear my pink and white striped Polo top and then pair that with some knee-length cargo pants that are actually quite appropriate for a woman of my age. Sometimes in the summer I get worried that my skirts and shorts are too short, but these cargo pants are exactly something that a girl near 50 would be wearing in the summer. Normally, I would have slipped into my white sandals to complete the outfit, but it was already getting chilly this evening, and so I decided to just keep the nude pantyhose on that I had been wearing all day anyway. I also love the look of painted toenails showing through my nylons, so it was a win-win situation all around.

crossdressed while driving and taking selfiesI also wanted to implement an accessory tonight that I've used before, and it's this pretty pink rose attached to a hair clip that a girl can wear to keep back a section of her hair. Tonight I wanted to pull my hair back into a ponytail, and this clip isn't strong enough to hold a pony all by itself, and so I secured my ponytail with a nude-colored elastic hair band and then used the rose clip to cover the band. I was excited with the results, and after a few turns in front of the full length mirror, I slipped into my brown mary jane flats, and it was time to go bralette shopping.

It was already pitch black when I left the house, and so I turned on the interior lights in my car so I could take a few pictures from the dash board of my car. The light of the flash reflected strongly off of my facial powder giving my face a whiter look, but at least I was able to get a decent picture despite the darkness outside.  When I arrived at Target, it was also late enough that I could practically choose any parking spot I wanted, and so I chose a spot close to the store that would also allow me to take some selfies in front of the store. The lighting was not great, but you can still get the gist of my look and just how late it was when I finally made it to Target.

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