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Jogging in a Sports Bra

crossdressing a sports bra for a morning jogJust prior to my summer girl time, I ran a half marathon, and while I was unfortunately dressed as a guy when I did it, it was a big milestone for me in my quest to eventually run a full marathon.  After I finished the half marathon, I took a week off to give myself a break because I noticed a little bit of tightness behind my left knee.

Well, the main reason why I began running in the first place was to slim down and get rid of my tummy, and so I was ready to get back out during my girl time now and run as a girl in an effort to keep my weight in check.  After sufficient rest, I finally felt I was ready to test my gams again, and so this morning I decided to run about 4 1/2 miles to see how my legs felt afterwards.

When it comes to running outfits, I've been so obsessed lately about finding a tank top that would show off my sports bra underneath, but all of the active wear tops I own cover up the sports bra for the most part, and so I decided to just wear my sports bra as-is for my run today. It's a little bit risky to do so because I rarely see women running on the roads in just a sports bra on top, but it's something that I really wanted to do for my run this morning, and so I did just that.

crossdressed in a sports bra from behindI paired the sports bra with a pair of Adidas running shorts, and then I wore my red and white Nike shoes that were purchased from the women's section at the Nike outlet with my wife's blessing. As for my hair, I just love to run in a ponytail, and so I pulled it back into a tight pony that felt so good as it brushed my bare back and shoulders, and then in lieu of any eye makeup whatsoever, I decided to cover my eyes with a pair of Oakley sunglasses that also came from the women's section of the Oakley store at our nearby outlets. :)

With my outfit in place, I hopped in my car and drove about a mile from my home since I didn't want to risk running in and out of my house dressed like a girl.  I pulled into a quiet park with a softball diamond and decided to make a quick video prior to my run, and then I was off. My course today consisted of a super busy highway where I'd guess at least 20 cars would pass me per minute if not more, and then I took a detour onto some running trails midway through my run that would put me in close contact with other runners on the trail.

As you'll be able to see in the video, lots of cars passed me as I ran, and hopefully they only saw a girl jogging in her sports bra.  Then, as I ran on the actual running trails that spanned about 1.5 miles of my run, I'd say that I passed probably 10 different parties:  some were guys out running, some were women out walking together, and then other were women out running or walking alone.  I was curious what the reaction would be as I passed the people face to face, and the feeling I got was not overly friendly. I mean, it's not as if anyone gasped or even made funny faces, but no one I passed gave my sports bra, panties, and running clothes on the floorme a friendly "hello" or "good morning" with a smile.  I'm not sure if that was because I was jogging and they weren't; I'm not sure if it was because the women I passed disapproved of my running in just a sports bra; I'm not sure if everyone felt I was in the middle of serious workout and didn't want to be distracted; nor am I sure if it was because anyone actually suspected that I was a guy running in a sports bra.

It could have been a combination of those issues, but I didn't get any smiles and friendly good mornings from anyone. That circumstance didn't bother me at all because my goal this morning was to run in a sports bra as a girl and nothing else, but I am super curious as to what was running through the other peoples' minds--especially the women--as I approached them and then passed by. Perhaps no one thought anything was out of order, but the most important thing to me is that I was dressed entirely as a girl doing something that I enjoy doing, which is the ultimate goal of my girl time.

After my run when it was time to take a shower, I removed my outfit right there on the bathroom floor in front of the shower, and I just thought it would be fun to take a picture of my running outfit in pieces there on the wooden floor. There was my sports bra, my racerback bra that I wore underneath, my running shorts, my socks, my coral panties, and then my bare toes painted with the Kiss Me nail polish by Opi.  I hope that's not a gross pic because those clothes are not clean anymore, but it just gave me the feeling of a what a girl would experience after her jog and before her shower.  I'll let the following video illustrate the rest of my update for the day:

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