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Lunch at an Outdoor Mall

crossdressed and eating lunch at an outdoor mallOne of the most enjoyable excursions that I did last fall crossdressed as a girl was driving into the city to eat lunch at a fun cafe. I made that trip in the month of November, and so it was too chilly to enjoy my lunch outside, and so ever since then I've wanted to come back into the city and eat lunch outdoors dressed as a girl. I had a small window this afternoon to do just that, and so I dashed into the heart of the city to grab a bite to eat at a popular outdoor mall.

This is the same outdoor mall that Heidi and I visited together several years ago, and so it's always fun to return whether it's bra shopping at the Macy's, browsing the selection at crossdressing a peach top and Banana Republic skirtAnn Taylor, or eating something out on the plaza near the mall's food court. Today I had some errands to run close to the mall, and so for lunch I decided to dress as a girl, enjoy a fun lunch outside, and then de-girl before finishing my errands.

On the topic of Heidi, the two of us visited a thrift store late in the spring, and I found the cutest skirt by Banana Republic that I've just been dying to wear ever since. Well, since I would be in the heart of the city where more of the girls would be dressed up, I cross dresser outfit from behind wearing a white bradecided that it'd be an appropriate setting to wear this new skirt. The skirt itself has alternating horizontal white and navy stripes and then the most darling patch of flowers circling the hem. I knew when I found it that I just had to have it, and I was so excited in the fitting room when I tried it on and the skirt fit perfectly!!

One of the aspects of this skirt that I just adore is that it will really go with anything as long as my top is a solid color. The skirt would look good with pantyhose and heels, and it could also be made into a more casual outfit should I choose to wear a pair of sandals with it and bare my legs. Since it would be a hot summer afternoon, I decided against pantyhose and went with a more casual look. I also wanted to be able to show off my pedicure to the metro crowd, and so I ultimately paired the skirt with a simple peach top from Old Navy. Old Navy calls this top the perfect tee, and I couldn't agree more. It hugs my torso in all the right places and really helps to create the proper figure befitting of a girl.

up close selfie of a crossdresserI wore the peach top over a white bra, and I was super pleased with the bra line that showed through my top, and really the final touch after that was to slip into my white sandals. As for my hair, I wore it down as I took pictures in my room before leaving, but the weather outside was getting cloudy with bursts of wind and so I ended up tying my hair up into an updo before going outside.

I took the usual selfies from the dashboard of my car as I drove, and it felt so good to be dressed like this on a summer afternoon. I made it to the outdoor mall in good time and was careful to keep track of my parking pass. On a previous occasion when I visited this mall cross dressed as a girl, I lost my parking pass and had to call security to sort the situation out. I already blogged about that, and while the situation was handled just fine and without incident, I didn't want to go through it again, especially because they recorded my license plate for future reference.

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