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Shopping for Replacement Panties

a crossdresser shopping for new panties in the lingerie sectionIn my history, I talk about how I first let my wife know that I was wearing tights and pantyhose (for warmth), and she was quite accepting of the premise and didn't mind. What I didn't tell her at the time was that I was wearing the pantyhose and tights over panties, and she actually discovered one day that I was wearing a pair of pink panties beneath my pantyhose. At this point, I don't care to disclose how she discovered that I was wearing panties, but the fact that her husband was wearing panties didn't bother her nearly as much as the color of the panties.

When she first made the discovery, we had the talk, and I was completely honest with her in telling her that I first started wearing my sister's panties when we were young, and I liked how they were lightweight, and then I told her that I used to wear my sister's panties beneath tights and liked how it felt. Now that I was openly wearing pantyhose and tights again, it just felt better to wear them over panties, and so I went out and bought a pair of panties.  It just so happened that the first pair of panties I purchased after our marriage were pink nylon panties with a bit of lace in the front.

When I explained to her that it was so much easier to wear panties beneath my tights than it was to wear guy underwear--which is thicker and hotter and frankly not compatible with pantyhose and tights, she understood and was accepting of that, but I will take the words of her follow-up question with me to the grave:  "Why pink?"  And she was right. Why did I have to wear pink panties?

Because this event occurred 15 years ago, I don't remember my answer, but in the end she accepted it and still loved me bless her heart.  I ultimately added one more pair of panties to my collection that she was aware of, and it was a pair of white satin panties from JCPenney that I bought online paired with a matching bra, and this was the bra and panty set that I wore beneath my blouse and skirt for Halloween when I was crossdressed as a woman.

Over time, I would tend to wear the white panties more than the pink in an effort to placate my wife, and from then until this very day, I can wear panties with her blessing.  Now, I don't choose to wear panties every day even though that's a cross dresser selfie while bra shoppingmy true desire; rather, I pick my spots carefully in order to maintain a healthy relationship with my wife.

Several years ago, I discovered the Illuminations line of panties by Vanity Fair, and they quickly became my go-to brand.  In time, I found a pair of white panties in the Illuminations line, and so I added them to my panty collection that my wife is aware of, and she didn't even bat a false eyelash. Feeling encouraged, I began to wear these white Illuminations more and more including when I would work out, and I would throw them in the laundry basket with my other clothing, and then my wife would wash them and fold them and then place them back in my panty drawer. In short, these white Illuminations panties became an acceptable part of my regular wardrobe.

One day early this year, however, I put on my white panties and was scurrying about the bedroom when I noticed that they had lost their elasticity and support. I stood in front of the full-length mirror and was quite surprised at how much my panties were sagging, and I was horrified at the thought that my white Illuminations panties were ruined.  I would still wear them beneath tights to work out, but I knew that I needed to replace them, and so today I decided to head to the department store where I purchased the original white panties to find their replacement.

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