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Wonder Woman

crossdressed at the theaterAs soon as I know when my extended summer girl time will be, I immediately go online and search for events in my area that might be fun to attend dressed as a girl. First and foremost, I love to attend musicals as a girl, and it just so happens that I'll be able to attend the musical Cinderella towards the end of my girl time (yay!!), but there are other events as well such as concerts, lectures, and even movies that could be opportunities for me to go out into public crossdressed as a girl in an attempt to blend in with everyone else.

I think it's been four years or so since I last attended a movie crossdressed as a girl, and that's mostly due to not having any movies in theaters that intrigued me during my girl time. If possible, I want to see movies that only girls would go see, and the very first time I attended a movie as a girl, it was the harmless Monte Carlo movie starring Selena Gomez. The only way a guy should have been allowed into the theater of that movie was if he wanted to impress a girl bad enough to actually sit through it. I loved it because I'm a big Selena Gomez fan and because I'm a girl and because I loved all of the wardrobe changes, senseless girl dialog, etc.

The year after that, Katy Perry released her movie, Part of Me, and as luck would have it, it was still playing in theaters during my girl time, and so I was able to dress into a cute pink cami and short skirt and go watch the movie crossdressed as a girl. That movie was more in depth than the Selena Gomez movie as it explored Katy's life in a documentary fashion, but it too was a movie aimed directly at girls, so it was fun to go watch it in the theater en femme.

crossdressed at the moviesEach successive year, I've watched the list of summer releases, but there was never that one movie that I thought would appeal particularly to a female audience, and so I was ecstatic when I learned that Wonder Woman would debut this summer right along with my extended summer girl time. Now, this movie is obviously aimed at male audiences as well, but since the main character and heroine is a woman, I just had to go and see the movie crossdressed as a girl...something I did tonight after work.

When I saw the first two movies previously mentioned, I chose times late at night when the crowds would be small, but due to some timing issues I had today, my only choice was to catch the movie during the early evening, and so I decided on the 7:20 PM showing. I also wanted to view the movie on a Tuesday because one of the local theater chains here offers $5 movies on Tuesday. Because Wonder Woman has been extremely successful and because I live in a community of cheapskates (of which I'm one of them!), I knew the theater would be packed for this showing. It was a hot summer night, and people would be looking for something fun to do.

As for my outfit, for reasons I can't really explain, I just felt as if I wanted to dress up a bit for the movie. I knew the majority of people would be wearing light summer clothing, but I had the biggest urge to wear a dress and heels. I finally decided that I would pose as a girl who had just gotten off work and then dashed to the theaters to catch the crossdressed to see wonder womanmovie, and so I decided on my black knit summer dress with nude pantyhose underneath and short, black heels. Call me crazy, but I think part of me really wanted to feel cozy in the dress because I knew the theater would be chilly with the air conditioning, and just the thought of crossing my legs in silky pantyhose as I watched the movie sealed the deal.

My initial plan tonight was to eat dinner at the theater, but when I arrived, I was really taken aback at just how long the lines were for the concessions. This particular complex has 16 theaters, and it seemed as if everyone else wanted to eat dinner as they watched their movie. I wandered a bit around the inside of the complex looking for a short line, but I guessed that the wait was at least 20 - 25 minutes for each line. I was already a little bit late for the 7:20 start time, which didn't concern me because I knew there would be lots of previews, but I didn't have the time to wait in line among those crowds, nor did I want the extra attention from people in a long line with nothing better to do but scrutinize everyone else.

As a result, I decided against buying dinner and scooted over to the nearest kiosk to buy my ticket. Because I was a little bit late, I was worried about the seating, but I did find one seat on an aisle about halfway up the back section of the theater that was open, and so I selected it, scanned my debit card, and then scurried toward the theater. I was a bit lost in the whole place and ended up going in the wrong direction, and so I had to backtrack a bit to the other side where I finally found the correct theater.

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