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Workout Girl at Walmart

crossdressed at Walmart in workout gearA common mantra of mine when crossdressing out in public is to choose an outfit that resembles what the other women my age would be wearing too. The outfit should also be appropriate to the setting. For example, I don't think I've ever seen a woman wear a dress, pantyhose, and heels to Home Depot, and so cross dressers shouldn't dress like that either if visiting the hardware store. Occasionally, you will see a woman dressed in pantyhose and heels at the grocery store or Walmart, and I have even mimicked such a scenario of a woman on her way to work or just on her way home from work dashing in to run a quick errand dressed in pantyhose and heels, but generally, it's my opinion that we girls should dress like the majority of woman out there...if our intention is to pass.

One such outfit and setting combination that I love to see is women dressed in workout gear running a quick errand on their way to or from the gym. You usually see women in workout gear earlier in the morning, and so I've always wanted to wear work out gear of my own and then stop into Walmart, Starbucks, the grocery store, etc. in order to run a quick errand, and so before work today, I decided to go for a quick walk and then dash over to Walmart to buy some new earrings.

The final update of my spring season was a photo shoot with Heidi on a snowy day in late spring, and as I was driving to work after the session, I noticed that I was missing one of my hoop earrings darn it. I think my hoops are one of the most important accessories I use to help me pass, and I feel naked so to crossdresser wardrobe malfunctionspeak without earrings. Well, I'm always testing various hoop earrings, and I happened to have a thicker pair of hoops that I bought who knows when, and so I used that pair for my early outings this summer. The problem was that the thicker nature of the hoops made the earrings heavier, and I noticed that my ears were really starting to ache when I wore them.

I also noticed that the extra weight made the earrings more likely to plop off of my ears, and on the very first morning when I ate breakfast out on my deck, one of the heavier earrings fell out of my ear and was stuck in my hair unbeknownst to me. I actually created some video from that morning as I ate breakfast, but I declined to post it because that darn earring was dangling from my hair instead of my left ear, and it just really bugged me.

Long story short, I have been desperate to purchase more hoop earrings that are lightweight and work for me properly, and so I decided to dash into Walmart this morning after my early morning workout. I didn't want to walk into Walmart all sweaty and gross, so I decided to dress in a fun active wear outfit and go for a short walk before heading to Walmart.

I began my outfit with the pretty active wear top I purchased from the thrift store a few days ago, and I wore that over a white racerback bra. I then wore a fun pair of running shorts by Adidas that matched the aqua tank and then completed my lower half with a pair of Nike running shoes that my wife purchased for me from the women's section at the Nike outlet. The final touch to my outfit was a darling white golf visor with the black Nike logo, and I was really excited with the final result.

I was quite pressed for time this morning, and so I drove to a nearby park and took a brisk walk for about a mile and a half, and then it was time to drive over to my local Walmart to purchase new earrings. I took a short video as I drove which I will post later, and I also took some fun selfies as I drove. When I arrived at Walmart it was probably 8:30 AM, and there weren't too many cars in the parking lot. I grabbed my wallet and then dashed into the store because I really needed to hurry if I was going to make it into work at a decent time.

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