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Getting A Summer Pedicure at the Day Spa

crossdressed getting a pedicureA major turning point in my life as a transgender girl came a year ago when I decided to visit a day spa and receive a pedicure. Up until that point, my face to face conversations with other people were extremely limited and usually occurred at the cash register, but receiving a pedicure at the day spa meant that I would be stuck in a chair for at least 30 minutes with a live human being on the other end ready to chat with her client.

It turned out to be one of the most positive experiences of my life, and ever since then, when I have had a stretch of girl time, I always try to start it off by visiting the day spa and getting a pedicure. This summer was no different, and I was way excited to travel into the city today to receive another pedicure and get my toes painted by a professional.

When receiving a pedicure, a girl has to be careful about her outfit. At this particular day spa, they provide a leg massage up to the knees along with the pedicure, so that eliminates jeans or capris crossdressed while driving to my pedicureunless you want to forfeit the massage (which I didn't). Wearing a skirt or dress can be tricky as well because it wouldn't be ladylike to give the esthetician a glimpse of ones unmentionables even though she's likely seen it all before. Being a lady, I wanted to wear as pretty of an outfit as possible that was also suitable for the occasion, and I kept coming back to my plum Elle dress with the darling floral pattern.

I look for any excuse to wear this dress, and I didn't feel as if I'd be overdressed, especially if I paired the dress with a simple pair of sandals, and so I wore my favorite dress along with my white strappy sandals. As for my hair, I decided to wear it long and flowing, and I was so giddy as I did my makeup knowing what was in store.

crossdresser at the day spaThe particular day spa that I visit is about a 30 minute drive away, and I took plenty of selfies in the car while driving. As I arrived and parked my car, I nearly skipped up the steps to the day spa and opened the door. This particular day spa is by appointment only, and I partly choose it because I want to avoid bigger crowds, and so as I stepped into the lobby, the little bell informed the owner that a customer had just arrived. I barely had time to take the selfie at right before Jeff rushed into the lobby and greeted me by name and said that my esthetician was ready. I was a little bit on edge because I wasn't sure if it would be my friend Jenny because I was visiting the spa in the afternoon instead of my usual morning appointment. Jeff immediately getting a pedicure crossdressedinformed me that Johana would assist me today, and so I gulped a bit ready to get acquainted with a brand new girl.

Jeff showed me to the pedi seat, and I could hear someone in the back room already filling the foot tub with warm water and bath salts. I was barely situated when the new girl, Johana, came into the room with the small tub and greeted me. Unlike Jenny, Johana didn't seem quite as personable at first, and I was just hoping that she would take care of those little details the same as Jenny.

I quickly learned through our conversation that Johana was 37 years old. She was a single girl living with her mother in an apartment, and she was also really concerned about her weight. She could tell from my feet that I was a runner, and so we talked a bit about exercise and how hard it is to get motivated to actually maintain a consistent exercise routine. We also talked about diet and how hard it is to actually diet, and I learned that both Johana and I can't avoid sweets. Some girls just can't do it, and we were two of them.

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