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Shopping at the Thrift Store

crossdressed in pink and whiteI can't describe just how good it feels to get out on a summer night dressed in a simple outfit to do some shopping. I had so much fun with Heidi earlier this year shopping at a local thrift store that I decided to go back tonight and look for more active wear tops. When Heidi and I were shopping, the focus was on anything cute, but it hit me after the fact that I also might find a backless tank there, and so I decided to dash to the thrift store on my first night as a girl.

tee shirt bra beneath white tee from behindAs for my outfit, I wanted to start out simple, and so I chose to wear a plain white tee by Old Navy over a white bra, and then I paired that with a cute pink gauze skirt, which is perfect for the summer because it keeps my lower half so cool. The final touch to my outfit were my red canvas flats with darling white polka dots, and while I wasn't wearing nylons, I did wear those cute nylon footsie socks to contain any moisture from my feet to the footsies and not to my shoes.

As for my look above the neck, I've found that it's extremely effective--if not super unnerving--to apply as little makeup as possible, and so I skipped my foundation and powder as well as any eye shadow. I drew in some brows, lined my eyes and used mascara for my lashes, and then the final step was a dash of my pink lipstick. With my makeup simple, I thought my hair should be simple as well, and so I pulled it back into a tight ponytail and then clipped the pony up into a fun updo, and just like that I was ready to go.

driving crossdressed in a white tee and t-shirt braMy first stop on the evening was to Costco for gas, and I would highly recommend to those who are just starting to cross dress and venture out into crossdresser filling up at Costcopublic to go fill up your car with gas while dressed as a girl. It at least gets you outside, and it gets you used to the feeling of being outside dressed as a girl. It's quite nerve wracking at first, but it's a way fun opportunity for a new girl looking for an outing en femme. I took a little bit of video as I filled my car that I'll post later on, and it's always fun to stand there and pose for the camera in such an odd place as the Costco gas station. :)

I left Costco and then arrived at the thrift store about 8 PM, so the sun was low in the sky and the store wasn't overly crowded. I didn't detect any strange looks whatsoever from anyone, and so I set about looking for something I could wear to workout. I found the usual tanks and selection of sports bras, but what I was really looking for was a purely backless tank that I could wear for a workout that showed off my sports bra. I didn't come across such a tank in my size, but I did find a cute tank by Forever 21 in a pretty aqua color that really appealed to me. I put the tank over my arm and literally went down the entire row of active wear items in my size looking for something else that would work.

crossdresser while dress shoppingI didn't find anything else, and so I thought as long as I'm here, I may as well look for more cute. I started in the tops section and came across a way cute cotton top from Banana Republic in a gray color with a gorgeous braided neckline. The problem was the top was a size small. I held it against me and knew that I could at least fit into it, but the size S had me worried. I still wanted to try it on, and so I put it over my arm with the tank and searched for a few more tops. When I didn't find anything else that stood out to me, I next looked through the dresses and skirts.

I didn't find a skirt that just popped when I first viewed it, but I did come across some cute dresses. The first was a dress from the Taylor Swift Summer Dress collection. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and I thought the dress was way cute, but it looked to be a size too small. Like the Banana Republic top, I thought that I would be able to fit into the dress, but I was really worried about the size. As long as I was going to the fitting room, I thought it would be worth trying on the dress, and so I added it to the tank and top.

The final item I came across was another dress, this one a gorgeous silk dress from the gap with a navy base and a bright red check pattern. Just to touch this dress was divine, and while the practical side of me said, "Lisa, where would you wear this dress?", the blonde side of me said, "How can you not try on such a pretty dress?" I listened to my blonde side of course, but like the Taylor Swift dress, this dress from the Gap was a size small. What is it that the cutest clothes out there come in the smaller sizes?! I was pretty sure I couldn't fit into this Gap dress either, but it was so silky and so sexy, I knew it was worth a try.

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