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Kicking Off My Summer Girl Time with Breakfast Outside

crossdressed for breakfastI am so thrilled to once again kick off my extended summer girl time in 2017. Every year my family travels to my in-laws' place on the coast for an extended vacation while I dutifully stay behind to take care of the house, go to work...oh, and also be a girl every minute of every day to the extent possible. :)   I do run into the usual roadblocks like not being able to dress en femme at work, and then there are certain times of the day when my family likes to Skype with each other meaning I have to present myself as a guy, but there are definitely windows for me to a be a girl on the outside every day, and so I literally plan out each spare hour and make the most of my time during these summer breaks.

I also like to set certain rules and guidelines for myself during my extended girl time. For example, when I go to work, I am allowed to dress as a guy on the outside, but I must be underdressed beneath meaning I have to wear a bra and panties with pantyhose to work each day (no, I don't wear socks over my pantyhose). Outside of work, there are times when I cannot present as a girl from the neck up like when I'm working in the yard in view of the neighbors, running an errand where I will see people I know, or mowing the lawn, but I still have to be dressed in 100% girl things with bra and panties underneath, and so I get creative with my wearing pantyhose beneath my running shoesunisex-looking girl tee shirts and shorts.  I suppose if people really took a look, they would notice the little subtleties like:  Is that guy wearing a bra?  Is my boss wearing pantyhose?

But how often do people really take a look?

This morning I was taking the chance that my neighbors wouldn't take a look as I dressed in an outfit that I love to wear around the house and the yard, which consists of a simple peach tee shirt and khaki shorts with a 4" inseam. I decided to dress in this outfit on the very first morning of my girl time and enjoy my breakfast outside on a gorgeous summer morning. I did have to go to work today, but I was so excited at the prospect of being a girl for the crossdressed cleaning up the kitchennext few weeks that I just couldn't help putting on some makeup and doing my hair once I was out of the shower so I could eat my breakfast en femme out on the deck in the back of our house.

From this location on our deck, I am in full or partial view of five surrounding houses, but I felt there were enough trees and obstacles and other distractions on this beautiful summer morning to allow me to eat my breakfast and drink my morning tea out on the deck en femme. It was so exhilarating to be outside en femme again as I enjoyed a slice of yummy corn bread and drank my tea. It was wonderful to feel the light caress of my bra around my chest and tuck my hair behind my ear as I enjoyed the lovely morning.

I was a bit on edge as I enjoyed my breakfast because a neighbor could have unexpectedly opened a door or a window and looked my way at any time, but as far as I could tell, no one was really watching. After enjoying my breakfast, it was time to clean up a bit in the kitchen, and so I thought it would be fun to take a few more pictures of that, especially since it gives you a view of my outfit from behind.

This will undoubtedly be the most simple update I post during my girl time over the next few weeks, but I just wanted to announce to the world that Lisa is back and ready for another eventful summer!!

2/2 Black Bra Day

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