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Snowy Photo Shoot with Heidi

t-girls posing on a bridgeWith Memorial Day behind us, it is now the official start of summer even if we don't hit the summer solstice until later in June, and I am super excited to have about two weeks to myself coming up in June, but before we get to my summer girl time, I have one more update from the spring that I have been dying to post, especially since it involves Heidi and it occurred about a month ago.

As most of you know, Heidi and I went shopping at a thrift store late in April, and when we do an outing like that in the morning, we also try and set up a photo shoot afterwards. We'll find places to change outfits (usually our cars), and then we'll find a park or other pretty settings to do a photo shoot together.

If you have seen Heidi's fun video entitled "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Heidi," then you may remember from one of the final scenes that Heidi is coming out of a store, and it's actually snowing outside. Well, yours truly took that portion of the video, and our plan was to leave the thrift store and then do a photo shoot at a nearby park. When we saw the snow falling so hard, we both kind of looked at each other and thought, "Seriously? It's May and it's snowing outside?!!" I suppose we kinda live in a crazy place weather-wise, but to have it snow on the day of our planned photo shoot? The t-girl gods were definitely not smiling upon us. Either that or they determined that we had so much fun shopping inside that we needed another dose of reality outside.

Regardless, we had the the time, and we had the outfits waiting, and so the two of us drove to a nearby park and began changing right there in the parking lot. Who knows if anyone else was around to see us there in plain site in our bras as we changed our clothing, but we've done this before, and we were in new outfits soon enough. The only problem was we had a chilly wind blowing, and it was still snowing outside darn it.

Heidi Phox behind the scenes photo shootWe looked around for any place to take a photo or three, and we saw a small covered bridge in the middle of the park, and so we grabbed our things and ran like the girls we are over to the wooden structure. Though the bridge was covered, it had no walls, and so the snow was blowing in on use beneath the roof of the bridge. We were still two girls, though, with our cameras and pretty outfits, and so we just had to brave the snow and take a few photos. Heidi was even brave enough to sit on this tiny railing on the bridge and pose as only she can, and I take a photo of Heidi posing in front of her camera with the self timer on. It's kind of a fun "behind the scenes" look at Heidi, who in my opinion can strike the poses better than any other girl I've seen. Way to go Heidi!!

crossdressed tulip bedsAfter the photos on the bridge, it looked as if our only hope was a large tree, and so we dashed to one side of the park and set back up beneath a large tree. We tried a few more photos, but it was so cold and blustery, and I thought that I could feel Heidi shivering as we huddled together for yet another pose. After a few more solo pics beneath the tree, the weather had the best of us, and so we decided to drive for about 10 minutes and see if we could get out of the storm. There was a house of worship on a hillside nearby, and the grounds always have the prettiest flower gardens, and so we headed in that direction in hopes that we could manage some pretty photos in front of the tulip beds.

When we arrived, the snow had settled down a little bit, and as Heidi and I got out of our cars and observed the scene, Heidi said, "Give me one more minute to change into a new dress." I ran back to the safety of my car to stay warm and dry and waited for her to change one more time. As soon as I saw her car door open again, I got and and ran over to her, and as soon as I saw her dress, I thought she would part the heavens right then and there. My goodness, I don't know that I've ever seen a prettier dress on a prettier girl, and even the tulips stood at rapt attention when they saw her approach in that dress.

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