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Shopping with Heidi Phox (page 2 of 2)

crossdresser trying on women's clothes in the fitting roomFor the next 20 minutes or so, we tried on our things and occasionally met in front of the three-way mirrors. The fitting rooms in this particular thrift store are so narrow that it's impossible to take full body shots from inside, and so each time I tried on something new, I would open up my stall and model it in front of the three-way mirrors outside. It was always interesting to see what I would find when I opened up the door because you never knew who would be close-by ready to see a girl pop out in a new outfit.

Sometimes there were people around and sometimes not, but no one really seemed to be paying us any attention other than noticing two girls shopping together and trying on new outfits. At one point when I exited my fitting room to take more pictures, I looked over and saw Heidi's painted toenails beneath the door of her stall, and I regret that I didn't take a picture of the cute scene. Of course, the fitting rooms were right next to a section of cash registers, and there was always at least one employee there keeping an eye on things.

a transgender girl using the women's bathroomAfter the first round of trying on new things, we both went out for round two and started the cycle all over again. By this time, there were a fair number of shoppers already in the store, but I never noticed strange looks from any of them, and Heidi and I were able to roam around anywhere we pleased. At one point during the morning, I needed to go potty, and so I dashed across the store to use the women's room...something I am getting in the habit of doing every time I'm out these days. Once I returned, I had one final dress to try on, and as I was happily modeling it in front of the three-way mirrors, Heidi stepped in for a fun photo-bomb. I made sure to return the favor later on in the day, and as I returned to my fitting room to change back into my own outfit, Heidi waited outside deciding on which things she was going to buy.

Heidi Phox checking out at the registersAfter we both decided on our purchases, we walked over to the nearest cash register section, and there was a lady a little bit older than us waiting in line ahead of us. She had two granddaughters with her who were acting ornery, and you could tell that she was trying to wrap things up as soon as possible. When she saw us approach, she looked at the clothes Heidi carried over her arm and instinctively exclaimed, "Oh, new dresses!" It was one of those subtle girl moments where I think the grandmother was reliving just how fun it is for a girl to buy a new dress. I think the experience is lost on younger girls today, but people our age and older certainly know how special it is to buy a new dress.

crossdresser buying a dress and skirt at the storeHeidi and the grandma chatted for a few minutes in line, and I prepared the camera on my phone so I could take video of Heidi's transaction. When it was the grandma's turn, they rang up her items and then she pulled out...her checkbook!! Heidi and I immediately turned to each other and whispered, "Who writes checks anymore?!" We both laughed about it, but it was true in this case, and even the guy named Andy who was working the registers didn't know what to do. It probably took him five minutes to sort everything out, so Heidi and I kept looking at the registers across the store, but it always seemed as if there was a steady stream of new people ready to check out on that side of the store too, so we stayed put sneaking in pictures and then waiting for our turn.

The time finally came and Heidi checked out first while I discretely recorded the transaction. She enjoyed pleasant conversation with Andy, and then it was my turn. I needed to record Heidi's exiting the store, so she waited for me as I checked out...using my girl credit card of course. Throughout the whole experience, nobody gave us any strange looks that I could detect, and it was as fun of a shopping experience as I've ever had. To cap off the morning, I left the store first and then recorded Heidi exiting the thrift store and walking to her car.

By this time, it was snowing hard (yes, snowing!!), and it dampened our plans a bit for later on in the day, but more on that in a future diary entry. In the meantime, I have put together a short photo gallery capturing our morning, and then at the end, I link to Heidi's latest project called Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Heidi (could the title be anymore fun than that?!!).
link to a crossdressing photo gallery

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