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Shopping with Heidi Phox

shopping with Heidi PhoxI am such a lucky girl to be able to meet face to face with two of my girl friends all within the same week. Last week I met a new friend, Danielle, for the first time, and we had a marvelous time getting to know each other not to mention all the photos we took, and today I got to meet back up with the one and only Heidi Phox for a fun morning of shopping.

It had been nearly two years since Heidi and I had last shopped together or done a photo shoot, so we were definitely due for a new adventure, and so when Heidi contacted me with an inquiry regarding YouTube videos, one thing led to another, and we both realized that we could make an outing work together for a morning of shopping. Heidi was also wrapping up a super fun project that I'll link to in the photo gallery at the end of this diary entry, and so I was also able to help her with a bit of camera work on the project meaning we could fill two cups with one bra by meeting today. Or is it kill two birds with one stone?

pretty crossdresser shopping for dressesAnyway, Heidi and I decided to get together this morning at the local thrift store and do some damage, so the first item of business was to come up with an appropriate outfit. We both knew that it was going to be a casual top and jeans morning, and so I decided to wear my long-sleeved Polo tee with vivid pink and white stripes. I paired that with my boyfriend jeans from JCrew that have random rip marks in the legs, and then I completed my outfit with a dressier pair of navy flats from Ann Taylor. These flats are a nice leather and have darling bows on the front, and I felt that they would give my outfit a bit of flair. Since the day was going to be chilly, I also decided to wear a pair of nude pantyhose beneath my jeans, and that turned out to be a good decision because when I try on lots of clothes in the fitting rooms, I like my legs to look their best in the pictures.

Because this was a manufactured girl day for me, it meant that I needed to transform in my car yet again, so I found an isolated parking lot between my house and the thrift store and went to work. As I was getting ready, Heidi texted me asking how things were going and letting me know that she was on schedule, and I replied that I was on schedule as well, so everything went well in regards to my transformation since I've had lots of practice in the car lately, so after about 20 minutes, I felt passable and was ready to complete my drive to the thrift store and meet my friend, Heidi.

Heidi had arrived twenty minutes or so before me, and so when I walked into the store and found her, she was looking through the lingerie section with her arms already full with a few dresses, tops, bras, and anything else cute. I just bounded over to her calling out her name excitedly, and she giggled a little bit at how excited I was. And I was excited. I was the impeccable Heidi Phoxdressed in a cute outfit; I had aisles and aisles of cute clothes to browse through; and I was finally together again with a special friend whose look on the day can only be described in one word: stunning.

We started browsing through dresses together catching up on the last few years, and we also remembered to take a few selfies along the way. It was so fun to finally shop with a girl friend again, and it was really handy to have each other there by our sides to take pictures when needed. After spending about 10 minutes together in dresses, Heidi went to look at a few tops while I branched off into the skirt section, and every few minutes we would find each other again to coordinate when we were ready for our trip to the fitting rooms.

When we finally decided we had enough to try on, we went to the fitting rooms...but not before a quick detour into the shoe section. I've noticed that it's super hard to find cute shoes in my size at a thrift store or even at a place like TJMaxx or Ross, and this particular thrift store was no different. First, there isn't a wide selection of shoes in my size (10 - 11) to begin with, and then it's hard to find something that works with an every day kind of look.

After browsing a bit through shoes, we finally made it to the dressing rooms in the corner of the store. There were about six stalls available, and I took the stall closest to the three-way mirrors set up just outside the fitting rooms. Heidi needed a bit more room in hers since she wanted to take some video from inside, so she opted for the handicapped stall, which initially wasn't open, but she asked them if she could use it, and they cleared it out for her. Way to go Heidi!!

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