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Hiking Among the Red Rocks

crossdresser hiking outfitOne activity that I was dying to do here in this town was to go for a run among the red rocks dressed in my girl active wear. I spent some time yesterday driving around some roads and measuring mileage in order to find a fun course to run, but as usually happens when I'm on girl time, I was running way behind and had to check out of my hotel before I went on my run.

That meant that if I went for a distance run, I'd have some super sweaty active wear that would need to be laundered, but I wouldn't have anywhere to wash and dry it unless I found a Laundromat. I did briefly think it would be interesting to visit a Laundromat as a girl, but I just didn't feel I had the time to do it, and so instead of running today, I decided to do some hiking and trail walking instead. This activity would still mean that my workout clothes would need to be washed at some point, but I wouldn't have to pack around extremely dirty clothes.

wearing a racerback bra beneath my active wear topA few days ago, I visited Old Navy to see if I could find a backless tank top to run in, and though I didn't have any luck with that, I did bring a tank top from Old Navy that I've run in before. This tank is a pretty pink and orange color and has the racerback style, which means I need to wear a racerback bra beneath it. Instead of a sports bra, I decided to wear my Olga racerback bra in 36A that I often wear when underdressing. The A-cup was certainly not going to properly present my breasts, but I knew that the bra would keep the girls in place properly, and so I wore this bra beneath my tank top.

I paired that with a darling black skort that has the spandex shorts underneath and then a cute skirt on the outside, and instead of wearing my running shoes, I decided to wear my Nike flip-flops so I could get a more even suntan on my legs. :)  It was a simple outfit for sure, but it would allow me to spend a fun afternoon in the sun. The final touch to my look was pulling my hair back into a tight bun and then capping things off with...well, a cap!  transgender girl using the women's bathroomI donned the pink ball cap that I bought at Walmart along with some new pantyhose, and I was ready to go!

After packing my things and checking out of the hotel, I headed to a fun looking area that I had scouted the day before. This place had plenty of hiking trails, and there were also some pretty gardens with ponds, streams, and even a few facilities, so I decided to spend the afternoon here and get some exercise.

I think the videos that I took and the many pictures will tell the rest of the story the best, but I should mention that when it was time to leave, I had to go to the bathroom super bad, and so I drove to a nearby Wendy's and used the girl's room yet again. One part of me tells me that I'm getting too comfortable using the women's bathroom, but on the other hand, it just feels so right.

With that, here is a new video presentation that depicts my fun afternoon of hiking and eventual bathroom break:

2/2 Black Bra Day

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