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Purchasing New Pantyhose at Walmart

buying new pantyhose at WalmartLast night as I was getting ready for bed and dressing into my pink nightie, I was scanning my legs and noticed a run in my pantyhose darn it. Upon further inspection, the run began on the bottom of my left foot, and just based off of experience, I could tell that I stepped on something sharp that perforated the nylon, and then as I moved here and there throughout the day, the run began to climb up the back of my heel and lower leg.

I always want to have at least one fresh pair of pantyhose available in my drawer in each shade and style of L'eggs, and since this was the common shade of nude in the sheer to waist style, I wasn't too dejected because I knew they would be easy to replace. Besides, it's always fun when I get to shop for a new pair of pantyhose, so before I checked out of my hotel today, I decided to dash to Walmart and make a pantyhose run to rectify my...pantyhose run.

my outfit crossdressed at Walmart to buy new pantyhoseI always love it when I come across a L'eggs pantyhose sale, but I had no way of knowing if they were on sale anywhere in this town, and so I decided to just run quickly to Walmart to replace this pair. If you're ever wondering where the most action in a town on any given Saturday is occurring, the answer is likely the local Walmart, and so there was a bit of trepidation knowing that I would be walking into a literal beehive of activity just to replace a pair of pantyhose. I considered finding a Walgreen's or going to the supermarket instead, but something inside of me welcomed the challenge of shopping at Walmart crossdressed as a girl on a Saturday morning, and if you can pass at a busy Walmart store, you should be able to pass anywhere.

My go-to outfit during this trip when at the hotel has been my black, knit dress. Sometimes I would be wearing makeup and sometimes not, but when I needed to exit my room for any reason to go outside--usually to retrieve something from my car, I seemed to always be wearing this black dress. I was wearing this dress when I unloaded everything from my car late the first night under the watchful eyes of the people out on the balconies smoking cigarettes, and this was also the dress that I wore when I went to Walmart at 11:30 PM that first night. It just felt right to be wearing this dress, and the length of the dress also kept me cozy inside of the hotel room when the air conditioner was running.

In fact, after coming back from the ballpark on the second night, I was just exhausted, but sure enough, there was something that I needed to retrieve from my car, and so I donned this dress and tied my hair up into a bun so I could be seen around the hotel property as a girl. When I made it back into the room, I plopped down on the bed and immediately fell asleep, and after a few hours when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized that I was still wearing my dress and my Warner's bra and my breast forms, but I was so relaxed I just dove under the covers and spent the rest of the night sleeping in this manner.

Okay, that was a bit of a tangent, but the point is that this black, knit dress has been my go-to outfit on this trip, and so I just decided to wear it to Walmart to replace the pair of pantyhose I had damaged. I was really liking the tight bun look for my hair, and then I didn't even bother wearing any other shoes on this trip although I brought along four different pair, so it was the black, knit dress, nylon footsie socks, and my brown mary-janes. Oh, and then I also decided to wear my eyeglasses to create a more intellectual look. I was sure that most of the women at Walmart would not be dressed like me, but I also didn't feel as if the dress was out of place.

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