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Simpler Times for a Simple Girl

crossdressed in my hotel roomI'm not really sure where I'm going with this update, but I've noticed this weekend that I'm actually going out as a girl at times without fully documenting the entire outing. For example, when I have set girl time, I usually plan an outing down to the last detail and make sure that I capture pictures and/or video along the way. I've noticed this weekend, however, that I'm doing things and going places as a girl without the intention of ever posting the updates to my website.

the perfect bra look from behindThe night I checked into the hotel, I quickly had to de-girl in order to make it to the ball field on time, and so I wasn't able to update anything right after check-in. After the ballgame, as soon as I returned to the hotel, I unpacked my things and took a quick inventory of the amenities available in the room, but I noticed that there wasn't any shampoo, and then I also remembered on the drive down that I forgot to bring my Skintimate shaving cream. I knew that I wanted to paint my fingernails on this trip as well, but I didn't have any nail polish remover or cotton balls, and so I tallied up enough items that I needed in order to justify my dressing back up as a girl and driving to Walmart at 11:30 PM.

I was barely wearing any makeup, and the hotel lighting was so dim that I didn't even bother taking any pictures. I also usually take selfies as I drive, but when it is pitch black outside, the selfies usually turn out terrible, and so I didn't even bother to take any pictures of the outing. Once I made it to Walmart, I gathered my things and actually wandered to the women's department in search of a mirror. When I couldn't find one, I just walked to the nearest register to check out without taking any photos of my journey from start to finish. In all honesty, I was too tired at that point to really care, and so that was technically an outing en femme but one that I didn't even document.

crossdressed at Rite AidThe next morning, I also wanted to buy some milk to drink with my breakfast, and so I made a quick trip to the closest place I thought would have some, which turned out to be a Rite Aid just down the street from the hotel. It was 8 AM in the morning, and I hadn't even showered, but I wanted to make the trip as a girl, and so I quickly pulled on a simple peach tee shirt and paired that with my khaki shorts, and my outfit was done. Since I always wear pantyhose to bed, I pulled on my khaki shorts over my nude pantyhose and then slipped into my brown mary-jane flats, so the final step was getting my hair set straight, and I was ready to go out for a quick errand sans any makeup (thus the smaller pictures of my natural face).

Because there was plenty of natural light streaming into my hotel room, I did take a few poses before I left, but once again, I didn't think it was really anything special to post. I also want to be very careful when I take pictures without makeup because that is my actual face out there. When I went into shopping crossdressed at Rite Aidthe Rite Aid store, I did wear my eyeglasses to help camouflage my face since it wasn't made up, and I did take one picture from the cosmetics section.

The Rite Aid trip was interesting because there were a handful of customers in the store already, and then the pharmacist on duty was standing there bored watching anything that moved...including me. Hopefully he saw nothing but a woman there early morning running a quick errand. When I finally did locate a bottle of milk, I found the cashier who was stocking shelves and informed her that I was ready to check out. She was a Hispanic lady who was lucky if she stood five feet tall, and so I just towered over her at the cash registers. That felt a bit awkward, but the trip to Rite Aid was fun, and I talked to my wife during part of the drive (thank goodness she didn't want to Skype).

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