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Photo Shoot Challenge!

transgender girl taking a walkI have recently been corresponding with a new girl friend, Danielle, and the two of us have figured out that we live quite close to each other geographically. When that happens, the most natural course of action is to figure out if the two of us can meet up sometime, and so Danielle and I are getting to know each other better and trying to figure out our schedules. If all goes well, we should be able to meet up this summer, and we'll likely put together a photo shoot somewhere pretty.

Well, when I was talking to Danielle about this road trip, she mentioned a second home that she has in my destination city, and she also said there is this pretty stream and pond area surrounded by palm trees that is quite picturesque and perfect for a quiet walk. The place is also accessible to the public, and so Danielle challenged me to find the area and then take a few photos, and then she would try and do the same en femme the next time she is in the area.  While it wouldn't be a photo shoot with both of us in the pictures, it would be fun to know that two friends were in the same spot dressed as girls taking pictures. :)

transgender girl and her bra impression from behindWell, this girl looks for any excuse to take pictures crossdressed, and so I happily accepted Danielle's challenge and headed out this afternoon in search of the pretty pond setting near her home. With the sun blazing in the sky, I decided to dress in a tight yellow tee shirt over a plain white Warner's bra and then pair that with khaki shorts and my Nike flip-flops. I knew that I would definitely be getting some sun on this excursion, and so I wanted to get a decent start on my female tan lines this year.

The other day during my long road trip, I mentioned that on the interstate I found myself driving more like a guy than a girl, and this afternoon as I searched for Danielle's pond, I noticed yet another guy trait still left in me darn it: confidence in my ability to memorize a map. Prior to my traveling here, Danielle sent me the address to her home in the city, and so I pulled it up on Google Maps and was pretty sure I could find it from memory. Well, I got to within .7 miles of the place, but I was struggling to find the public access paths into the pond area, and so I stopped at a nearby park and got out my laptop to pull up Google Maps again. A smart girl would have put the transgender girl sitting at a picnic tableaddress in her iPhone prior to the trip, but alas, I suppose I am not as smart as I think. :)

I found a quiet picnic table available with a roof overhead for shade and then pulled over to the side of the road and dug my laptop out from the trunk of my car. This park was located on quite a busy road, and there were people out and about everywhere with a little league baseball team also practicing at the park, so I was hoping that everyone who saw me thought that I was just another girl. I was pleased to be wearing the perfect bra beneath this yellow tee, and I love its presentation from behind, so I felt really confident in my look as simple as it was. I sat down at the picnic table and opened my laptop also managing to sneak in a few pictures during the process, and once I had found the address again, this time I did put it into my phone and let Siri guide me the rest of the way.

Danielle mentioned that the access paths into the pond area could be tricky to find, and she was right. I drove around the block a time or two before I finally found a small sign that listed the guidelines to visiting the pond area, so I parked my car on the side of the road hoping that I hadn't attracted too much attention in the serene neighborhood. I grabbed my purse and my mini tripod and headed down the pathway towards the gorgeous little setting with a pond, a small stream, and pretty landscaping surrounding it.

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