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Shopping for Easter Dresses

crossdressed in a white Easter dress in the fitting roomFrom my earliest memories, I learned to associate Easter with two primary items: Easter baskets and Easter dresses. Fortunately, all of the goodies that came in the Easter basket helped ease the sting of not getting an Easter dress, but I have not forgotten my feelings of confusion and disappointment each Easter when I saw other girls wearing new dresses when I couldn't.

Growing up as a little girl, the mall was where everything happened, and when you needed to purchase anything besides groceries, we'd always go to the mall. These days I think I visit a mall maybe three or four times a year, but when I grew up, going to the mall was a weekly ritual at least. And in the case of our family, the closest anchor store in the mall from the road we took to travel there was Sears where we would park, so in order to get into the heart of the mall, we would always have to walk through Sears.

Fortunately at our local Sears, the apparel sections were on the first floor, and so we'd walk past all of the clothing and even lingerie on our short journey to the inside of the mall. In fact, I think I've stated this before, but my number one fantasy as a child was dreaming that we were at the mall and that I could make time stand still for everyone but me. With everyone frozen in place, I would have free reign to try on anything I wanted and shop around the mall dressed as a girl. My how I loved that dream, and way back then, I never knew how it felt to be dressed as a girl and shop at the mall, and so it nearly brings me to tears now to think that my dream all those years ago has finally come true...all without making others freeze in place!!

Well, every spring I knew Easter was close because I'd see the pretty dresses on display at Sears along with fun bonnets and white tights. I loved looking at the colors of the dresses, and I think I've always been in love with floral dresses because that was the primary style that was displayed around Easter. Besides the displays of Easter dresses crossdressed in a knit dress to shop for Easter dressesat the mall, I also noticed the girls at church wearing new dresses on Easter Sunday, and to this day, I still feel some emotion on Easter Sunday when I see the girls in their new dresses.

Okay, enough about that walk down memory lane. Let's move to the present, which is me finding myself in a new town with a mall around Easter time. I simply could not resist putting on a dress of my own and driving to the mall to shop for new Easter-type dresses. I brought two dresses with me on the road trip: the striped jersey dress I wore on the drive and then a black knit dress from Old Navy that I call my airplane dress because when I eventually fly on an airplane crossdressed as a girl, I think I'm going to wear this black dress. Along with this plain black dress, I wore my brown mary jane flats and then I packed a pair of pantyhose in my purse so I could put them on in the fitting room when I tried on my Easter dresses. The final touch to my look was a pair of eyeglasses used for camouflage more than anything.

In the case of this town, the closest anchor store in the mall for my drive was JCPenney, and so I decided to shop for Easter-type dresses there. I say Easter-type dresses because as a grown woman, the dress selection is a bit different from the girl's section. There aren't the obvious bright colors and the floral dresses with sashes in the same abundance that they market to the younger girls, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few styles that would work for me as an Easter dress.

As I shopped through the dress section at Pennies, there were four or five other parties in the section looking as well, and I say parties because some people were alone and some of the women were shopping in groups. As I looked through the racks of dresses, I couldn't help but to think of my dear friend Wendy as she often goes to JCPenney to try on dresses. In fact, she's able to go once every two weeks or so, and I learn about all of the new trends for the season from all of the pics that Wendy sends me from the fitting room.

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