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Shopping at Old Navy for a Backless Tank Top

crossdressing a pink top and gray skirt with nude pantyhoseWith my fingernails painted for the first time since I was like four years old, I was ready to seek out my first adventure in this new town. The first stop I wanted to make was to Old Navy to see if they had any active wear tops on clearance. This particular area where I'm staying has lots of red rock hiking paths and trails, and so I really wanted to go for a run among the red rocks.  If I could find a good bargain on a new top to wear on my run over a sports bra then I could pair it with a cute skort and get an early start to my girl tan lines.

modeling a backless tank topAs I've posted before, I do have some fun active wear tops and skorts already, but I've noticed a recent style within the last year where many of the active wear tops for women are mostly backless or have a large hole in the back presumably to show off the sports bra.  Last fall, I found such a top at Old Navy and tried it on in the fitting room as seen in the pic at left, but I didn't purchase the top because it was at the retail price of $16.95.  I also know that the top doesn't look flattering over that full coverage bra I'm wearing in the picture, but paired with a sports bra underneath, I think it'd be a darling combination, but I wanted the price to be right.

And so this morning I wanted to visit Old Navy and see if they had any active wear tops on clearance where the top was largely backless and would highlight my sports bra underneath.  Before going to Old Navy, I of course needed to a view from behind in my pink top, gray skirt, and nude pantyhosechoose an outfit, and so I decided to wear a long-sleeve pink and white top that I purchased at the Polo store a few months ago. This top has an extremely wide neckline so much so that it was likely designed to be worn over a strapless bra.

Well, I'm not into strapless bras, but I have the perfect bra to match this top, and so after my shower I stepped into a clean pair of panties before putting on my Warner's pink polka dot bra with the pretty pink straps.  I love it when I can use my bra straps as an accessory to my outfit, and I see more and more girls doing that out in public.  I paired this fun top and bra with my cute, jersey skirt in gray that seems to go with everything. Since I'm still on my nude pantyhose kick with my brown mary jane flats, I thought that combination would be perfect to pair beneath my skirt, and I loved how silky my legs looked and felt throughout the morning.

Along with this new outfit, I decided to resort to a hair style that I haven't worn in nearly two years, and so I capped my look off with lighter blonde hair than I'm used to with puffy bangs and a fun flare around the base of my neck. After snapping a few pictures from my hotel room using my makeshift setup, I was off to Old Navy.

Though I was in a new town and visiting this Old Navy for the first time, the store layouts are all the same, and so I felt comfortable as I walked through the front doors. Immediately to my right were two racks of long-sleeve jersey dresses on sale for $10 marked down from $26.95, and I looked through them for awhile extremely tempted to buy one, but I didn't want to make an impulse buy this quickly into my weekend, and so I pried myself away from the dresses and slowly worked my way to the back of the women's section where they have the active wear and clearance area.

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