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Taking A Road Trip As A Girl

crossdressing in the carToday was the day of a long-awaited road trip where I would be driving for about four hours and then staying in a hotel by myself for two nights...alone. I recently posted about attending my son's baseball tournament in the fall and trying to manufacture some girl time during his games, and today I found myself driving to another such tournament. This time the dynamics were different, though, because my son's team travelled by bus, and they were also staying at their own hotel, so that meant I would be on my own for most of the weekend. Yay, a Lisa weekend!!

As soon as I found out that I would be traveling alone, I determined to do so as a girl, and the first step was making the long drive fully en femme. Since I knew that my wife would be sending me off, it made packing a bit tricky, and crossdressing a jersey dressit also meant that I would have to find a nearby park in order to transform in my car. These weren't the most ideal circumstances, but I had no choice if I wanted to make the weekend work, and so I ended up bringing a backpack to work several weeks ago and locking it in my drawer, and then day by day I would bring pieces of my wardrobe to work and then store them in the back pack.

Since I worked a few hours at work before making my drive today, I made sure to prepare what I could beforehand like slipping into my panties and pantyhose in the restroom and then loading my backpack into the deepest part of my trunk where it wouldn't catch anyone's eye. After leaving work, I quickly drove home to pick up my guy things (boring!!), a small cooler, and then some snacks that my wife had prepared for me bless her heart. crossdresser from behind in a jersey dressAfter saying goodbye to my wife and making a safe departure, I drove to a nearby park that ran alongside the interstate and found a secluded area to do my makeup in the front seat of my car. Once my makeup was done, I next needed to stealthily slip into a bra under my guy top, and once I was sure no one was watching (at least I hope they weren't), I removed my guy clothes still sitting on the front seat of my car and slipped into a darling jersey dress pulling it over my bra and panties.

I spent countless nights prior to my journey trying to think of a fun outfit for the drive, and I finally thought that this jersey dress would be the cutest and most comfortable option. Once I had my dress in place, I quickly did my hair and then the final step was to dash to my trunk wearing my guy shoes and exchange them for the mary jane flats I had stashed next to my spare tire. It felt great standing there in the crisp spring air wearing a pretty dress, nude pantyhose, and cute flats. I was a girl, and I was ready for the drive!! Before I made the drive, however, I got my iPhone and made a quick video from a pathway in the park talking about my plans, which I will post later.

Once I made it on the road, I slipped in the CD of one of my favorite groups, the Carpenters. I know saying that might date me a little bit, but I just love Karen Carpenter's voice, and I never get tired of listening to it. Singing along with Karen (sorry, no video of that!), I drove down the interstate towards what I hoped would be a fun weekend. I had about half a tank of gas in my car when I left, but I wanted to fill up at a Costco that was about an hour down the road, so I would have as much gas left as possible when I reached my destination.

glint of sun shining on my pantyhose while drivingThe first hour of the drive was fine, and I noticed when driving on the interstate that I was driving more like my guy side than the girl. :) The weather outside was a bit overcast, and so sometimes there was direct sunshine, and sometimes I drove beneath a thin layer of clouds, so I had fun wearing my girl sunglasses when it was bright and also admiring the glint of the sun on my pantyhose as it streamed into the car. It was truly an filling up my car at Costco crossdressed as a girlenjoyable start to my journey, and the first hour just breezed by.

In time, I exited the interstate and pulled into the nearby Costco for gas. I also wanted to stop by the tire center and have them check my tire pressure, and I thought these two errands would make for some fun adventures and pictures. I've filled up my car countless times fully en femme, and so that part was easy, but once my tank was full, it was time to drive over to the tire center and ask one of the gentlemen to check my tire pressure. I pulled up to the entryway of the tire center and got the attention of a guy in the nearest bay and asked him if he'd check my pressure. He quickly put down the tools he was working with and asked me to pull up to a certain point along the bays for the cars. Once he stopped me, he walked around to my side and asked if he could open the door to check the recommended tire pressure on my door panel. Just between you and me, I think he really wanted to catch another glimpse of my legs in L'eggs, but who knows??

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