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An Afternoon of Shopping at Kohl's

Today was perhaps the most gratifying day this first week of my independence month. A Sunday, I had plenty of time to get things done, and with no obligations, I could take my sweet time doing as I pleased. I slept in for the first time the whole week and woke up without an alarm clock. Still wearing my pink nightie and the nude pantyhose I wore to last night's fireworks show, I made my way to the kitchen to fix some yogurt for breakfast and my morning tea. The women's World Cup match between the USA and Brazil was just getting underway, so I spent quite the leisurely morning in my nightie eating breakfast and watching soccer.

crossdressing a sleeveless dress from Old NavyAfter the soccer match, I showered quickly and then began putting on my makeup for an afternoon shopping excursion to Kohl's department store. I really didn't have anything I wanted to buy, but I love to shop all of the clearance racks starting with the bras and panties in the lingerie section. For my outfit, I decided that I would wear the sleeveless dress from Old Navy I purchased at the thrift store earlier in the week. The dress is a peach-orangish color with a pretty floral pattern, so I thought it would look good with some silky nude pantyhose.

I actually selected a pair of pantyhose I purchased in Korea, and as you know, Asian women are much smaller than us Westerners, so even their largest size in pantyhose stretches quite a bit on my tall body. I selected this pair because you can hardly tell I'm wearing nylons, yet I still wanted that bare legged look. When my dress was in place and my pantyhose securely around my lower half, it was time to do my hair. My intention was to wear my hair back in a ponytail to keep it off of my neck since it was a hot summer day outside, but as I brushed out my hair and saw how it fell gently on my shoulders with the sleeveless dress, it looked so cute that I decided to wear it down. I selected my usual hoop earrings to complete the look, and I was ready to go.

I don't know what it was today, but I knew I looked great, so I didn't even primp and fuss in front of the mirror but grabbed my purse and the car keys and headed on my way. Kohl's is just a short drive from my home, but I couldn't help but to adjust the rearview mirror so it was on my face and not directed towards the back window. I like to do this because a girl's face can look different in various types of lights. Yellow light is by driving on a Sunday afternoon cross dressedfar the best as it gives a girl a smooth look and hides blemishes. Natural light is second best in my opinion, but if you go outside, the shadows and angle of the sun can override makeup even on the best day, so it's a bit trickier to look good in the sun. The third type of light is blue light, and this is the most difficult to present a good appearance in my opinion. One thing good about Kohl's--and they even announce this over the PA system from time to time--is that they cut down their lighting about 30% of normal to save energy. As a result, the store is just a tad darker, and I'm really comfortable shopping there.

a cross dresser in a womens fitting roomI parked at a side entrance and entered through the doors by the shoe department. The registers were a bit busy, so there was no one to greet me meaning I didn't need to use my voice, but that would change big time by the end of the outing. I walked through the aisles of women's shoes and then found the clearance section for sizes 10 and 11. There wasn't really anything that was appealing, so I next headed for the lingerie section. I started by browsing the racks and racks of bras and panties on the clearance racks, but everything is so mismatched on those racks that I soon moved to the clothing section.

One thing I love about Kohl's is it's so easy to try things on in the dressing room. I was looking for any kind of cute top, a maxi dress, and then anything else that might catch my eye. I quickly came across a pink sleeveless top by Ralph Lauren's brand Chaps that had the cutest ruffles crossing at the neckline. Oh, it was a darling top that I just had to try on. I looked for a skirt or shorts to wear with it since it wouldn't do to take a picture of myself in the dressing room in just a top and pantyhose. Okay, maybe that would have been intriguing, but if I'm going to enter the dressing room, I like to take a few things to try on. I eventually found a pair of khaki shorts by Lee and then I ran across a maxi dress that I liked. I took the three items and headed to the dressing room.

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