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Using the Girl's Bathroom on a Road Trip Crossdressed

transgender girl selfie from the women's bathroomI had the opportunity to take a modest road trip that would require about four hours in the car one way, and when I found out that I would be making the drive alone, I desperately wanted to do it as a girl. Leading up to the trip, I planned all of the logistics to make that happen, but there was one tiny detail that just had to be addressed:  I would surely have have to use the bathroom at least once during the four-hour drive.

I previously blogged in the LisaFiles section of my diary regarding the transgender bathroom laws proposed and implemented in various states that caused such a firestorm, and in that diary entry, I introduced four scenarios that I thought could be included in a law that would allow transgender people to use the bathroom opposite their biological gender:

*  Any person who has undergone sexual reassignment surgery
*  Any person who can produce official identification that indicates their legal sex is female (drivers license, passport, birth certificate, etc.)
*  Any person who has not undergone puberty and dresses full time as the gender opposite their assigned gender at birth
*  Any person who can produce an official gender identity card issued by a qualified authority *

A gender identify card currently does not exist as mentioned in my fourth clause, but I think it would make sense for doctors, psychiatrists, etc. to be able to issue such a card after careful evaluation of a subject under their care.  I argued in that diary entry that's it's just too easy for someone to exploit the current transgender bathroom laws if you let someone use any bathroom just because they say they identify as a particular gender.  I think people need to earn that right by showing true commitment.

Interestingly enough, in my current state I don't qualify for the top three scenarios although I'm confident that if a gender card did exist that I could qualify for one as mentioned in my fourth clause, and so the dilemma I faced on this trip was the risk of using the women's bathroom even though I'm biologically a guy. I desperately wanted to make the trip as a girl, but I knew that I would have to use the restroom somewhere along the way in order to do so because if I was fully en femme, I wasn't going to use the men's room at any cost.

transgender girl drivingAs I do with most of my adventures, I decided to just head out and let destiny take it's course, and so I began my road trip fully en-femme wearing a darling striped jersey dress with nude pantyhose and simple brown flats.

I was very familiar with the course that I drove, and I knew where most of the rest stops were, and then I also knew that there would be multiple fast-food restaurants and gas stations along with way with bathrooms. I decided that if using the restroom became an emergency then I would make the best decision available at the time. If worse came to worst, I could always empty out a water bottle and take advantage of my biological plumbing.

I tried not to drink too much water on the drive, but I did sneak sips here and there, and sure enough about 2 1/2 hours into the drive, I could tell that my body was ready to use the bathroom.  Now, as a seasoned adult, I've learned to hold it for a long period of time, but at the three hour mark of my drive, I was really starting to wiggle around in my seat, and I knew that I would have to exit the interstate soon and find a place to use the potty.

As I approached a small town along the way, I knew that it had two exits with services located at both exits.  From my experience in driving this route, I knew that one location was busier than the other, and so I drove to the second, less-popular stop and exited the freeway.  By this time, my bladder knew that it was about to be relieved, and I was really desperate to find a bathroom fast, and so I ultimately decided to pull into a gas station combined with a Burger King where the restrooms would be part of the gas station.

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