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My Personal Pinkout

a transgender girl in a pink Polo top and gray jersey skirtToday was one of those bittersweet days where I realized that I've come to the end of my extended girl time. It's bitter of course because I am going to have to scramble for girl days in the next little while, but it's also sweet due to the many memories and experiences that I was able to create.

On the last day of my girl time, I spend the bulk of my time putting my things away and cleaning up. Many people still ask me about what my wife thinks about this condition of mine and my dressing up as a girl and going out, and currently our situation is best described as "don't ask don't tell." My panties and pantyhose are stored in my chest of drawers along with two bras that she knows about, and then my clothing is mostly stored in a big Tupperware container in the basement that she's also aware of as she's the one that moved my wardrobe there from a chest of drawers in our guest room. I doubt she's audited that container in awhile, but if she did, she'd find more bras, more shoes, and more clothes.

a transgender girl in a pink Polo top with matching pink pantiesMy impression is that she's not too concerned about my stash. She knows I like to dress up in girl things, and while I'm positive that it does nag at her somewhere deep down inside, she can tolerate it because the rest of the package is so grand!! :) The point is that I know she doesn't want to come home and find my girl clothes strewn around on the bed and my panties from this morning on the bathroom floor and my makeup taking up space on the bathroom counter and my pink nightie on the nightstand, and so I spend the final day of my girl time tidying up and putting the outward Lisa back into a box so to speak.

As I was going about my tasks this afternoon, both children were at home, and so I locked the door to our bedroom and was a busy body putting things back to normal. I was wearing my new top from Polo, which is a loose-fitting pink and white striped shirt that is super comfy to wear. The wide neckline also allowed the pink straps of my Warner's bra to peek through comfortably, and I was wearing the top and bra with my gray cotton jersey skirt and a pair of cotton pink panties underneath by Jockey. I had been wearing pantyhose all morning, but I took them off since I was working harder than normal and lifting things here and there and moving around to the point where they were just getting too hot. In the midst of this scene, my wife texted me a transgender girl in a pink Polo top and pink skinny jeansasking me to pick up a few things at the grocery store.

I love it when my wife gives me a shopping list just before she returns home because it give me just one more opportunity to run an errand as a girl, but with two kids at home today, I wasn't sure how I was going to sneak out of the house. Things were quiet at home, and so I carefully unlocked the bedroom door and snuck out into the hallway wearing wearing my pink top and skirt. I was in full makeup and hair, and so if someone saw me, they would have seen a strange woman coming out of their parents' bedroom, and so I tip-toed quietly as I peered down the stairs to the main living area.

Everything was quiet enough, so I carefully snuck down the stairs and peered into the family room. The child who was watching television was fast asleep on the couch, and I was quite sure that I could sneak out the side door into the garage from the kitchen, and really, I only needed to sneak out as a woman because I could have de-girled before coming back into the house. I continued to the bottom of the stairs and could hear the other child in the basement playing video games, and so I decided to give it a go.

I quickly headed back up to my bedroom on my tip-toes and decided on an outfit that I could wear. I would have loved to have just gone as-is wearing this top and skirt, but it was cold outside, and nobody would have been dressed like me, and so I needed to dress a bit warmer for this outing. I decided to stay in pink mode because I was feeling so girlie, and so I slid on a silky pair of pantyhose before pulling on my pink skinny jeans. I next pulled my hair back and clipped it into a fun up-do as if I was a woman out running errands who simply needed to keep her hair out of the way.  Whenever I put on a new outfit and create a new look like this, I just have to model it in front of the full length mirror, and so I posed a bit here and there while taking a few pictures..

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