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Slimming Down (page 2 of 2)

a transgender girl showing off her figure from behindThe run extremely enjoyable and lots of cars passed by me, but I don't think anyone really suspected anything. Hopefully people are getting used to seeing my jogging along some of these highways. I certainly hope so.

The main issue with this run besides getting some exercise was to check the combination of my bra and Under Armour top, and I'm happy to report that the Olga racerback bra worked perfectly with this top. I wasn't worried about my breasts at all during the run, and unlike my soft cup bra the last time I ran, the firm racerback straps kept everything in place to my great satisfaction.

When I returned home from my run, it was time to step on the scale, and while I like to completely disrobe when I weigh myself, when I am in girl mode I always keep my panties and pantyhose on because I love to see my pretty toes through nylons standing on the bathroom scale. I had my cell phone ready to record the moment, and when the scale made its calculation, it returned a number that I haven't seen since the mid-1990's. I had finally broken the 160 lb barrier!!

Now, after my run, I had to get re-hydrated and then eat breakfast, and so that would surely take my weight back up several pounds, but I have not seen "159" on the scale in over twenty years. I was ecstatic, and I had to step off the scale and then back on one more time just to confirm. Yes, I had dropped down into the 159 range.  Hopefully you can imagine how that makes a girl like me feel, but it's been a long journey to get to this point.
standing on the scale with pantyhose and painted toenails
a transgender girl trying on a Nike sports braEarlier this year in May, I went to Kohl's one morning to try on some sports bras, and frankly, the pictures really depressed me. I mean, I was able to choose three or four that looked okay to present to everyone in my diary, but I was horrified at my body. All of the pictures I posted had me covering up my tummy with both arms holding my cell phone down low near my waist, and even the pictures where I was wearing my regular outfit did not look good.

The pictures where my arms were away from my waist horrified me, and they provided me the inspiration to get in proper shape and lose weight properly with regular exercise and a proper diet instead of my old method of just starving myself.  I am going to bite the bullet bra and finally post one of those pictures where my tummy is revealed just so you can get a before and after view.  Look at my figure there at right and then scroll back up to the picture at the top of this page to see me now.  There is no way that I could have rocked the Under Armour top back in May, but it feels great on me now!!

Back when I tried on those sports bras at Kohl's, I weighed somewhere around 173 pounds, so over the last half year, I've managed to shed over 10 pounds with most of it melting off of my tummy. You cannot believe the confidence this has given me, and that coupled with my new-found voice has really pushed me to new heights. I really feel fearless these days when going out, and most of the time I feel as if I can conquer the world.

And the irony of all this? If I wasn't transgender and didn't feel like a girl inside, I doubt I would care a lick about my weight and my appearance and overall health, but the girl is there, and she does drive my behavior and my thinking, and so I'm eternally grateful to that girl inside who has propelled me to these new heights the last six months.

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