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Slimming Down

a transgender girl jogging in the parkToday was my last chance to go for a run during my extended girl time, and I probably shouldn't have done it due to time constraints, but I really wanted to sort out my bra situation for my future runs, and so I shortened things up and went for a five mile run today instead of my usual longer distances. I also chose not wear any makeup because I simply didn't have the time to put it on and then take it off, and so I used a large pair of sunglasses to cover my eyes. As for my eyebrows, I like to wear bangs when I run, and they covered my forehead all the way down to the sunglasses, and so the only enhancement I made to my face was a dash of lipstick.

Due to the chilly weather, there was no way that I was going to get away with running in a tank top today, and so I chose my red Under Armour top once again. The key factor to my outfit of course wouldn't be seen by anyone, but I really wanted to get things figured out with my bra, and so today I determined to wear my Olga racerback bra that comes in a size 36A.

rear view of a transgender girl out for a jogI definitely wanted to use my breast forms with this top again, and so I needed to solve the issue of keeping my forms snug in my bra throughout the run. I succeeded with that over the summer by wearing this racerback bra beneath a sports bra, and so I was hoping that the tight fit of the Under Armour top would add enough additional support to supplement my A-cup bra. Now, wearing C-cup size breast forms with an A-cup bra does not look very good, but I've noticed with this shiny red top that my bra does not really show through anyway, and so I was just looking for the proper appearance of my breasts, not the outline of my bra through the top.

When I clasped the bra in place and then inserted my forms, I was worried that the cups would not be sufficient, but after pulling my top on and getting everything situated, I felt really good with the combination, and I was sure the smaller 36A bra would be tight enough to support my breasts throughout the run.

With my top and bra figured out, and I next needed to select the rest of my outfit, and I've thoroughly enjoyed running in pantyhose these last few weeks, and so I slid into a sheer pair of pantyhose and pulled them up in place over my new Warner's panties. If you remember the panties that I bought with my Elle dress, they were a very plain pair of panties, but they were silky soft and contained no visible elastic around the waistband or around the legs. When running long distances, there is always the issue of chafing, and I thought these plain panties would be perfect to wear for my run.

a transgender girl stretching before a runCompleting my look, I decided to wear a pair of what I like to call booty shorts over my pantyhose, and these shorts are really short-shorts that show off a lot of leg. With the bright sunshine outside on this particular morning, I wanted my legs to look great in the pantyhose, and so these running shorts were the perfect choice. These shorts also have three green vertical stripes running down the sides, and so I paired this outfit with a pair of teal running shoes that have sort of a neon green sole to them.

I was ready like Betty in a flash, and so I grabbed my cell phone and mini tri-pod for a few quick pictures in the park while I stretched, and then I was on my way. I started my run less than a mile away from my home, and I actually run along a few streets where I knew people. I wasn't too concerned, however, because I felt as if my look was sufficient, and I don't think people really stop and scrutinize people jogging on the side of the road anyway.

As a stretched and took a few pictures in the park, I was overwhelmed with just how pretty my surroundings were. The maple trees in the park were a beautiful orange and then that was offset by lush pine trees and a deep blue sky. Getting emotional over nature like this is one of my weaknesses, and I'm pretty sure that it's not a guy thing. It was just a beautiful morning all around despite the cold, and I was glad that I decided to make this final run as a girl.

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