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Killing Time As A Girl

transgender girl sitting on a park benchToday's update was not something I was planning for, but with my extended girl time winding down, I'm really looking for any opportunity I can to dress up as a girl and go out into public.  As you can likely tell from the pictures in this diary entry, I am still in the desert of Nevada, and we are in the final day of the baseball tournament.  Unlike the previous days, we have a two-hour gap in between games today, and so I've got more time to kill this afternoon as I wait for the day's final game to start.

When I knew that I would be making this trip with my son, I immediately began to plan for different scenarios of dressing in public should they present themselves. For example, I brought my new dress from Elle in hopes that I would have some time on one of the days after the ball games to drive to some outlets and shop as a girl.  I also brought my girl swimsuit just in case I had some time alone at the hotel to swim because I would have done that as a girl too.  And finally, I brought my gray cotton jersey skirt just in case I had some time in the evening to go out, and I didn't want to go out in short shorts due to the chilly air.

Frequently, the boys on the team will do something together after the games like swim at someone's pool or go out to eat or go bowling, but for this tournament, it seems everyone is always tuckered out after the day's games, and so we've each been going our separate ways.  That means that I've had my son at my side the entire time except when he's been playing on the field, and I want to stress that that's not a bad circumstance at all because I get to spend the one on one time with him.  It does mean, however, that I don't have the extra time to dress up and go out as a girl, and I think that's why I was so desperate this afternoon to do something again as long as it was en femme.

trasgender girl selfie in a soft cup braOnce again, I found myself with about an hour in the afternoon prior to my son's final game, and my intention was not to dress today. We had already checked out of the hotel, and I had all my things packed, but as I sat there in the car wondering what to do or where to go for the next hour, I quickly decided that if I'm going to just be sitting there, I may as well do it as a girl on the outside.  It's funny just how fast my adrenaline kicks in when I decide to transform because I hopped out of the car, opened the trunk, and then pulled a few items out of my suitcase in seconds.  I was already wearing a soft cup cotton bra that I normally wear for traveling when I underdress, and I was pairing those with some teal Vanity Fair panties, so I really only needed to change out of my guy track suit and into my cute white top and gray jersey skirt with white sandals.

I decided that I wouldn't have time to apply and then remove full makeup, and so I quickly drew in some eyebrows, lined my lips, and then applied pink lipstick to constitute my makeup.  The finishing touch was a pair of girl sunglasses with large round frames to cover my eyes, and before I knew it, I was a girl again on the outside.  I always get a bit self conscious when I'm not wearing full makeup, but I didn't intend to meet anyone face to face or up close, and so my current get-up would allow me to simply spend some time as a girl out in the open area.

Now that I had transformed, I still had no place to go, and so I decided to drive for a bit and find a park where I could sit outside with my legs crossed and just enjoy the fresh air.  After driving for a few minutes, I found a small park with a stone bench, and so I parked the car and grabbed my purse heading for the bench.  Once I was situated, I decided to take a few pictures here and there, and then I decided it'd be fun to take a video of me moisturizing my legs.  The desert air down here is so dry, and my legs were getting so scaly you would have thought I was a reptile, and so I decided to sit there on the bench and massage some skin cream into my legs and talk to everyone at the same time:

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