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Lady Luck (page 2 of 2)

Next, everybody was looking at me the moment I walked in because I seemed out of place. I was easily the youngest person in the casino who wasn't working there probably by ten or fifteen years, and then I was dressed in a manner that would likely draw someone's attention. I'm not saying this to boast, but the people who were staring at me were the guys in the casino and not the women, and so I think (and hope) that the looks were because I was attractive to them and not because they suspected anything.

After getting used to the looks, I walked over to a sea of slot machines looking for something that appealed to me, and I was puzzled at first because all of the machines said that the minimum bet was 1 cent. I wanted to play the quarter slots, but I couldn't find any at first. In then dawned on me that the lady that used to push the cart around and dispense change was missing, and there was no place to exchange my money for quarters. Everything was now digital and you put your money directly into the machines for credits. The last time I played slot machines, they had big courtesy plastic cups everywhere for the coins, and you could expect your fingers to get really dirty from putting the coins in the slot machine over and over, and that's when it dawned on me that things have definitely passed me by.

I finally parked myself in front of a Wheel of Fortune slot machine and then took out my purse to retrieve the $10 bill, and then I also wanted to set up my phone to take a short video of me playing the slot machine. One of my biggest concerns in entering the casino was my ability to take pictures or video to document the occasion because I knew that security would frown on it, and security personnel are everywhere in casinos, and that's why I have so few pictures in this update. I fiddled around with my purse pretending to look for something when I was actually hitting the record button for a video and then placing my phone into a side pocket of my purse and aiming it right at me. I thought I had things worked out, and so I started to play the slot machine and talk towards my purse explaining what was happening. Unfortunately, the video must have deactivated when the screen touched the inside of my purse because when I went back to view it, it was like two seconds of my hand and then nothing else darn it. I was really hoping to get more footage inside of the casino, but I only managed a few quick photographs in front of a big mirror.

As for my luck at the slots, I had no idea how much to bet or even how to place a certain amount for my bet, so I just hit the Max Bet button and let it ride. On my very first spin of the wheel I won $7.90 even though I'm not quite sure how I won it. I was completely lost at this point, so I continued to play the Max Bet button until I was almost out of money. When I finally reached $3.90 left in credits, I decided to call it good and at least go home with something. Well, I guess I lost $6.10 in all, but I suppose it was worth it just for the experience. I do know that I have very little desire to ever play slot machines again either as a girl or a guy.

When I was walking around the casino a bit after playing the slot machines, I ran into a section of the casino that looked more like the old school slot machines I was used to. They had machines with a $1 minimum bet and then up to $5 minimum bet, but I was not going to play anything else. I think it would be super fun to play Black Jack with friends one day as a girl, but gambling is just not my thing anymore, and I frankly don't see the appeal in it. I guess I gamble enough as it is going out into public dressed as a woman, so I'll keep myself content with the kind of gambling where I'm in more control of the odds...and my cute outfit.

Before I left the casino, I took my little coupon that I printed at the slot machine (since when have they started equipping slot machines with printers??) and presented it to the cashier, a lady who must have been at least 70 years old. She didn't bat an eye and quickly scanned the barcode and then gave me three dollar bills and 90 cents. Finally, I was in the casino for about twenty minutes and finally touched my first quarter!

The last thing I wanted to do was to use the ladies room before I left, but as luck would have it, there was a rope in front of it closing it off due to cleaning. There had to have been another ladies room somewhere, but I needed to get to my son's ballgame anyway, and so I felt that I had experienced enough of the things that I set out to do this morning. It's highly likely you will never see me in a casino again, at least a seedy casino off the beaten path like this one. Still, it was an interesting morning, and for what it's worth, I got more looks from guys this morning than I probably have all year to this point put together.

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