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Lady Luck

a crossdresser at the casinoAs I detailed in my diary entry yesterday, my son and I are currently in Nevada for a baseball tournament, and we're staying in a smaller town just outside of Las Vegas. We're certainly enjoying the warmer weather, but there's not much to do in this town for entertainment, so I'm glad I brought along my girl clothes and accessories.

This morning, his first game started at 9 AM again, and he needed to be at the ball field by 8 AM, so that meant I had another hour to kill in this town with nothing much to do other than visit a gas station, go to a fast food establishment, or gamble in a seedy casino.  Well, since I've filled up my car plenty of times en femme and been to enough restaurants en femme, I decided to use the extra hour on this morning to transition into a girl and play the slot machines at said seedy casino.

I have to laugh at the whole premise because I am definitely not a gambler.  Oh, I liked to gamble in my early 20's, and it was always fun making those drives to Las Vegas with my college friends after we turned 21, but I can best describe my days of gambling as "been there done that." I learned quickly that the odds are never in my favor, and the most I've ever allowed myself to lose gambling is about $30 at a Black Jack table, but as long as I got a few hours of entertainment from playing cards with friends, it was worth it to me.

a crossdresser's look from behind at a casinoWell, I thought I would give the casino another try this morning, not because I wanted to gamble but because I wanted to try something completely different as a girl. Going out in a warm-weather town also meant that I could wear my short-shorts and then show off my recent pedicure and Dutch Tulip toes, so I decided to make the most of this hour as possible. When I originally hatched this plan, my intent was to do the following:

1. Walk into the casino dressed as a girl
2. Exchange a $10 bill for a roll of quarters
3. Find a simple slot machine and play that roll of quarters until I lost it all
4. Wash my hands in the Ladies room before heading back to the ball field

I couldn't bring a whole lot of girl clothing with me on the trip since my suitcase was limited to a small carry-on and all of my girl things would have to be kept out of sight from my son including my purse, and so I chose to wear the same outfit that I wore to his ballgame yesterday underdressing everything at the hotel and then doing my makeup and hair in the casino parking lot.  When I was shopping at Ross last week and came across this white, lace top, I specifically purchased it with the intent of wearing it to a seedy casino early in the morning to gamble.  It just so happened to work out that it was a fun top to wear to the ball game yesterday, but that top and short-shorts was my planned outfit for the casino before I even came to Nevada.

I tried to picture what a girl my age would wear to gamble so early on a Saturday morning, and I felt that I came up with quite an appropriate outfit that actually turned out to be more cute than I thought it would.  In the video that I post at the end of this diary entry, I actually refer to this top as my white-trash top, but once I got home and reviewed all of the pictures and videos, I thought the top was actually quite cute, and if the proper bra is worn beneath the top, then it can present quite a stunning if not flirty look.   I suppose a woman closing in fast on 50 shouldn't be wearing this much lace, but let's just say that I'm trying to catch up for lots of lost time. :)

As I was putting on my makeup and doing my hair in the parking lot, I saw a fair amount of people coming and going, so I wasn't surprised when I walked into the casino that there were people here and there, but it only took me a few seconds to realize just how foreign a place like this had become to me. For starters, I wasn't ready for the smell of all that cigarette smoke.  With laws completely banning smoking from indoor locations the last decade or so, I was caught off guard a bit by the smoky smell.  The last thing I wanted was to get that smell in my hair and on my clothes, and so that put me on edge from the start.

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